PhoneZap 1.2.4

PhoneZap I do not see any huge visual changes or new features with the update to version 1.2.4 of PhoneZap. However, I did notice on the main PZ page there are a few new options including; Zaps you have commented on and a new Home option. The Lastest Zaps option has been removed. There is also a Important New and Updates link. If selected, you will get a nice little warning about posting inappropriate material and more information about the application which goes through some features that will be implement in the next 24-48 hours and some of the known bugs (see screenshots). I also noticed that when you select a user you now see a list of all the Zaps posted by that user. I’m not sure if that was there before and not enough people had used the application for it to show up or if that is a new feature. I still think this app is glitchy and definitely has a few kicks that need to be worked out. But, everyone loves a networking app. PhoneZap is available through the AppTapp source.

Note: There is a web based version of this application that has a lot more features and is probably a good representation of what the iPhone version of this application will become –

PhoneZap 1.2.4 PhoneZap 1.2.4 PhoneZap 1.2.4 PhoneZap 1.2.4 PhoneZap 1.2.4

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  1. probably irrelevant but iphone version of this site is sweet. Keep up the good work guys

  2. Tizocman says

    This Update let me finally create ringtines

  3. 7h31ll3g4l says

    new version crash uploading image… :( old version 1.2.3 still work…


  4. I don’t fully understand what this application is for. I know you can make ringtones but thats what Ringtones does. What else is this capable of doing?

  5. Yomommassis says

    when I try to open the app after the splash it kicks me back to the dash.

    App doesn’t work for me
    (FW 1.1.4)

  6. I emailed phonezap support. They are aware that there are some bugs in the app and say that everything should be fixed by the end of the week. They also said some cool new features will be available so we’ll have to wait and see!

  7. just downloaded this application, it says ringtunes go into settings, sounds then ringtunes but they dont show up in the list, anyone know what the problem might be?

  8. I do have a same problem, doesn’t show up in the LIST

  9. when i installed it for the first time, it worked just fine (on 1.1.4), and then i had to restore my iphone and then the app started to crash… what’s the issue???

  10. Thanks for the app’s info.
    Downloaded, installed and sucessfully tested the ringtone maker.

    Great, fast and easy way to get custom ringtones!

  11. early version worked ok but stopped working with 1.2.4 emailed and told working on problem – just uploaded latest version 1.2.9 same problem take photo – comment – locate ok but as soon as I try to send photo – it crashes back to iphone main screen – lets hope it’s fixed soon :0(

    • i have the same problem with upload pics from iphone to phonezap. i can send messing, view messing and pics but sins the vers. 1.2.3 uploade don’t works enymore. anybody now more about this problems?
      greetings to all