StreetFlow 0.9

StreetFlow The update to version 0.9 of StreetFlow does not make any visual changes to the app (at least from what I can tell!) It does however change the app from the iApp-a-Day source to the AppTapp Official source and makes it a Featured Application in the Installer. Which I was happy to see. Since the day it was released, this remains as one of my favorite iPhone applications!

StreetFlow 0.9

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  1. mistermister says

    Need to edit the just created location. Enter phone number and adress and adjust the rating. How can I do this?

    • I have the same problem… I created a location but apparently didn’t see how to enter the location and phone number and now I can’t figure out how to edit my entry. :-(

  2. cool_guy says

    Brooke! I love you!! when is your next video??? can’t wait!!

  3. Geoffrey says

    Sounds like a stupid question, but who is the developer? I can’t find their details and I want to file a bug report. :)

  4. Same for me. Just added a place but didn’t see how to enter location details or phone number.