Custom Digg Theme

Digg is a theme inspired by made by the famous Louie Mantia. Digg is by far my favorite theme of all the themes I have ever used or ever seen. It is just so clean and beautiful :). It only comes with stock application icons but, I made a package with more custom icons in it. If you can not find the specific custom icon you are looking for, you can just rename one of the other icons I have provided. You can get the Digg theme from the AppTapp source. Check out the screenshots below!

1. Install Digg Theme

2. Get the custom icon pack HERE

3. Download and Unzip the package.

4. Then SSH into your iPhone and place icons in: /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/Louie Mantia – Digg

Note: You will have to rename some of the icons to fit the applications you want to use them for.

Louie Mantia’s Site:
Custom Icons:

Custom Digg Theme Custom Digg Theme Custom Digg Theme Custom Digg Theme

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  1. I just checked this out and there are quite a few icons in the custom icon pack. Great job Sahil! This is a theme Doug really likes too!

  2. you could mention that the icons were taken from here:

  3. michael nguyen says

    i think that theme is kinda sh!t

  4. The download doesn’t work!!! Could you please email me the custom icon pack. Please and Thank You

  5. Is there anyway we can get this to work with iOS3/iOS4? I *really* miss this clean theme on my 1st gen iPhone and have been living without it since I bought my 3GS on launch day. Going to order a 4G now too but would *love* the theme!