Installer 3.1

Installer There is an update to Installer, bringing it to version 3.1. I only noticed one new feature with the update but, it is HUGE! You are now able to search for applications! A search bar has been added to the top of the Installer. It searches within each category. If you are in All Packages, it will search within All Packages. If you are in Recent Packages, it will search within Recent Packages. It also updates the search as you type in the title of the app, giving you the most relevant apps based on each letter you enter. It is really cool! I also noticed that the applications now have headings as well. This makes it a little more organized. Overall…very cool update!

Update: After looking around…I also noticed that the update to Installer allows more then three lines in the description field. Check out the screenshots below…one is of the new version of Kate before the Installer update and the other is after. There are four lines in the description field where it used to be cut off.

Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1

Installer 3.1 Installer 3.1

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  1. I have had problems installing 3.1 update – the update wouldn’t complete, stalling at the last stage and putting my phone in recovery mode. A restore has the same result, nearly completing the process and stalling at the final stage (apparently the part that says to the phone, installation complete…you okay…shall we finish this). The phone fails to respond to this final request and the update is not installed and phone returns to recovery mode….repeat again and again and again.
    2 1/2 hours to Apple Care and they gave up.
    Tried downloading 3.0 installer but phone refuses to downgrade to this old version saying firmware is not compatible.
    Apple Care says wait for a fix in 3.1.1 but meantime am left with a non-functioning phone. Any ideas?
    I’ve tried putting the phone in various modes before starting recovery as well as updating and reinstalling iTunes 9 with reset preferences but no joy.
    Anyone else had this issue? Error is 1002 which is apparently to do with USB communication between device and computer hence the failure in the final sign off section of the install process. Tried various ports and cables.
    Needing help.

    • FYI, you are commenting on Installer 3.1, that is a hack software from a long time ago, not the new firmware from Apple 3.1. Anyway, I would take it to the nearest Apple Store. They will try to restore it with their tools. If they can’t, they will most likely give you a new iPhone. -Doug

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