StreetFlow 0.9 – Update

StreetFlow I was looking at StreetFlow today and realized that there are a few features I didn’t notice when I did my first review of version 0.9. One of the features includes default images for some restaurants, if there has not already been an image submitted by a user. There are even different default images based on the type of restaurant. Also, when you tap on a comment, there is the option to add that person to your Friends List. Until I saw this feature I was always confused on how I added people to my Friends List, now I know! I’m not sure how I missed these features…I’m guessing the application didn’t update properly and when I restored my iPhone yesterday and installed it from scratch, they showed up. Either way, still one of my absolute favorite apps. StreetFlow is available through the AppTapp source.

StreetFlow 0.9 - Update StreetFlow 0.9 - Update

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  1. Hola! I was wondering if this app working in countries outside of the US? If not will they add countries eventually?

  2. I dont like this app at all… I find it completely useless…. I live in las vegas and this app never located anything around me… ever….

  3. Thats a cool update !

  4. I live in the UK in Derbyshire, there are no reviews for any restaurants near me, big shame I thought I might like this app

  5. How can I add a picture to my profile?

  6. I find it strange that a program that lacks so much simple functionality could be anyones favorite program. The database where I live is relatively weak. I’d be happy to contribute to the database, but I can’t add/edit the address. I don’t think I can even rate an existing place.

    Cute? yes. Potential? yes. Favorite? No Way.

  7. It works okay in NYC. But at least it’s a good start. The thing I miss the most from moving from Palm, is the loss of Vindigo. This could slowly become that.

  8. Many people in germany added bars and restraurants but didn’t add the exact adress, it only says the city name.

    How can i change the location of a bar etc AFTER it was added?

  9. How do you edit an entry that I posted myself? I added a restaurant but did not see an area to post tel and address info.

  10. How can I delete a restaurant that I have installed?

  11. Hi

    This is really an app that is quite useful but i miss some
    features like a date of submitted reviews and a kind of preprinted poll
    (kind of meal, pricerange , etc.)
    so we can make a picture of the restaurant without speaking the language
    although it would be nice to edit the own review