Workaround to Unlock & Jailbreak an iPhone 2G to 2.1

iClarified Now, I’m not sure if it works with a 3G iPhone, so feel free to tell me in the comments. The guys over at iClarified (which are notorious for findings and mods) have made an article on how to Unlock/Jailbreak an iPhone 2G. Here’s the link to the article; it also contains download links for everything you will need to do it with. Looks like a easy-ish process, but that’s for you to judge!

Silent Switch Bypass 1.0

Silent Switch Bypass Silent Switch Bypass is an application that bypasses the silent switch on your iPhone, forcing all the system sounds on. When you install Silent Switch Bypass you will get a few pop-ups. The first pop-up will confirm that you are on firmware 1.1.4 and that you would like to bypass your silence switch. The second pop-up will tell you that your silence switch has been bypassed and that you will need to restart your iPhone. Once you have restarted your iPhone, the application will automatically bypass your silence switch. Note: It will not put a icon or application on your SpringBoard it will just automatically turn on all your iPhone’s system sounds.

When I tested this application, [Read more…]

Lock 1.0

lock Lock was made by XianLi in order to allow people with a broken sleep/power button to lock their iPhone and/or iPod Touch. The application is very simple. Click on the Lock icon, a loading screen will appear and voilĂ  your iPhone/iPod is locked. You can still use Lock to lock your device even if the top power button is not broken. You can get Lock from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shots below!

Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0

Shutdown 1.0

shutdown Shutdown was made by XianLi and Dave Henriksen. It was designed in order to allow people with broken sleep/power buttons to shut off their iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you tap on the application, a loading screen will appear and in under a second your device will be off. The loading screen graphic is very stylish. :) Shutdown is permanently staying on my iPod Touch, because using Shutdown to turn off your iPod Touch is a lot faster then doing it manually. You can get Shutdown from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shot below!!

Shutdown 1.0 Shutdown 1.0 Shutdown 1.0

iBlackList 1.9.1 – Filter Incoming Calls and Texts

iBlackList I have tested this application many times on many different version and have never done a reivew of it due to the fact that I did not think that it functioned well enough. Well, I am actually quite satisfied with version 1.9.1 of iBlackList. Below is a full review of the application. However, I am going to give a brief warning first. I have never used a call/sms filtering application that works completely perfectly and iBlackList is no exception. Please read this review and install at your own discretion.

iBlackList is an application that allows you to filter your incoming calls and text messages. After installing the application you will want to restart your iPhone. Do not skip this step… [Read more…]