Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Darts The developer Brian Hammond brings his first app into the App Store, and it looks like its a must-have app! For everyone who is a fan of Dart games, Brian Hammond has released Darts, the best dart game in the App Store! Darts comes with 2 dart games: X01 and Cricket. X01, which is the most popular darts game, is when you have to hit numbers to get your score from a pre-set score back to 0. The objective of Cricket (which was a new one for me) is to hit a number between 15-20 and Bulls-eye 3 times each. The first person to do so, wins. This game is pretty simple to play, but can range in difficulty from fairly easy, to practically impossible! [Read more…]

Black Mamba Racer 1.2

Available In: App Store       Price: Free or $1.99  

Black Mamba Racer The fella’s over at StarByte are proud to present Black Mamba Racer! This game is a pretty challenging game about racing in teeny cars amongst many different race tracks. When you first open the app, it asks for your name. This will be your profile name throughout the whole game however, you can change it in the Options menu. Once you enter a name, it takes you to the main menu where you can select from; Play, Options, or Help. Help will bring you to a screen where the Black Mamba Racer gives you a few tips on how to play, and strategies on how to win. Options brings up the normal options, such as Game Volume, Name Change, and others. Play will bring up the level select screen. Levels are set up in 2 races. The first is a time trial to see if you can complete the track in the allotted time. The second one is where you actually race against 4 other drones (Blue one is the toughest opponent, then Green, then Yellow, and White is not so good ;) ). [Read more…]

QuickUnlock 0.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

QuickUnlock Today a new mod was released (via ModMyiFone) called QuickUnlock. Don’t be confused, they’re talking about Lock Screens, not GUI SIM Card unlocks! What it does is it allows easy access to your springboard by simply tapping the Home button 3 times consecutively. When you tap it 3 times, it temporarily shows your springboard for 10 seconds (unless the Home button is tapped again or an app is launched) and locks again. It installed easily and works like a charm. The only concern is you have to press the Home button pretty fast to trigger it. This is a great mod to use when you quickly have to access something.
[Read more…]

Tribal 2

Available In: App Store       Price: $5.99  

Tribal 2 One of the best, high-quality games back in the 1.1.4 days has been ported to 2.1! This game has always been one of my favorites, and much hasn’t changed since back then. First thing you see is that title screen we all fell in love with. After that, you now see a new level select. Once you select a level, the game overall follows a little story giving you specific items to tap each level. Also, when you tap something, it gives a nice realistic echo of a bullet falling to the floor, which I find really neat and professional. The game overall does get a bit challenging, and is pretty long as well. Other than that, it’s the same ‘ol tribal we all had installed back in the good days…. It’s available in the App Store for $5.99, and is a really good time waster… Have fun! Screenshots below. [Read more…]


Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

BubblePro I’m SURE you guys are familiar with the app “BubbleWrap”, right? If not, it’s a really addicting, yet pointless app of popping bubbles on bubble-wrap (I’m sure it’s something EVERYONE enjoyed doing as a kid). Well, meet their big sister. This app is from the same company and has the same gameplay, but with a twist: if you get the highest score, you win MONEY. Here’s how it works: the app records your high score on a huge list, and it displays the top 10 high scores when you record yours. The coolest thing about it is that contests NEVER STOP. Once one contest ends, another one begins. And they’re fairly long, usually a week.

The current contest prize is $100, with a high-score of 454!! That’s CRAZY high! And the last contest’s prize went as high as $500! The overall gameplay adds one new feature that BubbleWrap does not have. If you select an empty space, [Read more…]

Animated Lockscreens

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

winterboard Recently, there has been a couple of files in Cydia that have caught my eye. These were lockscreen animations. This made me pretty excited because I could finally de-uglify my lock screen. There are 3 available through the ModMyiFone source, one of KoiFish, one of Clown Fish, and one (for the guys) of a speedometer. They’re pretty neat an add a nice touch to the customization of your iPhone. It’s also something nice to look at when you unlock (literally, not SIM card unlock) your iPhone instead of a stale picture. Since this has been discovered, I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot more being released in the next couple of days, or even weeks!

Note: (from Brooke) These are used via WinterBoard. So, once you install them you will need to go into WinterBoard to activate them.

Gates Bluize Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard I really like this theme! This theme is kinda like a blue version of iWood Realized, and is a good theme if you’re looking for a nice, soft theme. This theme skins a good variety of icons, but not a lot. One positive side to that is the icons are square, just like the App Store icons, so if you have many apps installed, they won’t stick out as much with this theme. This theme does not skin any apps, or have an “other.artwork” skin, but is nice for a basic, decent look for your iPhone.

Stereo’s Leopard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard This is currently my favorite theme in Cydia! It’s called Stereo’s Leopard, and it was a theme I immediately remembered from Customize 2.0 back on 1.1.4. The one thing I love about this theme are the large (literally), and big amount of icons it has. It skinned about 50% of my icons, and has app themes too. Like MobileMusicPlayer (pictured below) for instance: usually, you would see a frozen screenshot of it for about 2 seconds, then would be able to use it. Those 2 seconds are when the app loads. So what this theme does is [Read more…]

Workaround to Unlock & Jailbreak an iPhone 2G to 2.1

iClarified Now, I’m not sure if it works with a 3G iPhone, so feel free to tell me in the comments. The guys over at iClarified (which are notorious for findings and mods) have made an article on how to Unlock/Jailbreak an iPhone 2G. Here’s the link to the article; it also contains download links for everything you will need to do it with. Looks like a easy-ish process, but that’s for you to judge!


AptBackup 1.1-3

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

AptBackup AptBackup is an application in Cydia that makes restoring 1000% less painful. It is in the BigBoss source and is a 43 kB download. Here is the text from the app:

‘This app will backup your Cydia installed app list. This does not back up your actual apps or apps settings. But it is close. It will make a list of everything you installed from Cydia and back that up. When you restore, it will reinstall all the packages in one step. The list is stored with other settings files and backed up with iTunes. After you restore your iPhone and restore your backup in iTunes, run the restore function here, and it should find and restore your apps. -BigBoss & Chris Featherstone-‘ [Read more…]

Asphalt4: Elite Racing

Available In: App Store       Price: $9.99  

Asphalt4: Elite Racing This is honestly, in my opinion, the best game in the App Store so far. It’s quality challenges even those of PlayStation One games, which is a break-thru for a game on a mobile device. This game is fairly popular not only on the iPhone, but other mobile devices as well, and have had access to this quadrilogy for years.

Once you open the app, a movie will play. Now it kinda exaggerates the game (it makes it look like a PS2 game!), but it does give attention to the game itself. When that is done, it loads and then brings you to the title screen. Tap the screen to begin your journey.

You first start out with a Mini-Cooper, and one race. There is a total of 28 vehicles and 48 races (with 12 cities). Win races to get money. Racing is really fun and there is three ways to race: [Read more…]

NY Mets Winterboard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoardWell I was cruising along Cydia again when I saw something that made me pinch myself! Now, being born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I am into baseball and a HUGE Mets fan. Well my dreams have finally come true: a NY Mets theme!

It’s a 1MB download, and has not that many icons (for now, only the base apps and some other apps like Cydia, Winterboard, Tap Tap, you know, the basic stuff). One thing I love about this app is the lock screen. The slider is a little sliding Met and you slide him all the way to a home plate to unlock the phone, which is so cool, I just had to point it out specifically! Too bad I can’t get a screenshot of it! :( Well its a good theme and still developing. [Read more…]

Winterboard Font Pack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardToday in Cydia, a package in the Ste source was relaesed called ‘Winterboard Font Pack’. When you install it, it adds 19 professional fonts to your Winterboard database. What it does is it customizes the font of your springboard. Every app’s name on every page on your springboard will change to the font you select. This works perfectly and provides a nice variety of fonts that make your springboard even nicer that what it is. :) [Read more…]

Metal iPhone Aqua for Winterboard

NOTE: This article is written by our new writer, DJContagious. He is the largest contributor to our forums with over 800 posts so we though it would be a great idea to join the team officially. Please welcome him and be easy on his first post :)

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardI came across a magnificent, yet simple theme in Cydia a couple of days ago called Metal iPhone Aqua. The screenshots strived me to look further. Just over 800 KB, this theme is a quick download from the Planet-iPhones source, and has two alternatives (Metal iPhone Blue & Metal iPhone Pink). This theme skins every base app, including Cydia, to a nice metallic feel, yet it changes no springboard icons (which is pretty good, because I hate having a theme that has an icon stick out like a sore thumb!). It comes complete with a Lock screen wallpaper, sliders, slider bars, other.artwork files, Cydia skins, a Dialer, a Safari theme, an App Store skin, YouTube skin, iTunes Store skin, Map skin, iPod skin, Phone skin, Mail skin, SMS skin, and an HUD. Phew, a lot of stuff! This theme is really nice, smooth, and simple for any iPhone/iPod Touch user to love. [Read more…]