What I Backup When Restoring My iPhone

Apple iPhone SchoolBefore the recent event from Apple I was waiting for the announcement of new iPhone OS so I could upgrade and get all the new features. Unfortunately, there was no update as of yet. So, I decided to rejailbreak my iPhone. I’ve been missing push notifications from my last jailbreak and wanted to go a different route. Before I restore my iPhone I sync my iPhone and then use SSH to backup all kinds of stuff. Here’s the process I use. Some are redundant because the iTunes sync backs them up but many times I’ve had a bad backup or want to start fresh and if you don’t back up everything, you will lose it. If you can think of anything else, please add it in the comments and I’ll add it to the list.

1. Sync with iTunes. This will save all of your App Store & stock app information like notes, game saves, logins, etc. Again, if you are not going to restore from this backup then you don’t need to do this.
2. Remove all pictures and videos using the USB connections. If something has happened where you can’t access your iPhone via USB to see pictures, like me right now. You can go to /private/var/mobile/Media/DCIM/ and manually download them via SSH. Beware, if you have a lot of pictures and videos, it may take a while.
3. Take a screenshot of every page of your springboard. I also take them of Winterboard and my Settings app where the jailbroken apps list is.
4. Open Cydia and write down or take screenshots of everything under manage>packages that you’ve installed. [Read more…]

SMS2Mail – Backup and Sent Texts to Email

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SMS2Mail SMS2Mail is an application that allows you to send your text messages to an email account. The application opens to the main menu. The first option on the main menu is Select Phone Number. This option allows you to choose the texts from certain phone numbers…there is also a Select All option which would be basically all your text messages. From here you can select the dates from which you would like the text messages. Just tap on the From option, select a date from the calendar and then tap on Select Date. The same goes for the To option. So, you could display all text messages from September 1st to today. [Read more…]

TimeCapsule now Chronus

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free or $7.99  

timecapsule Many of you probably remember TimeCapsule, an application that allows you to back up your iPhone, from firmware 1.1.4 and below. Well, it is now available for firmware 2.0+ however it has a new name. It is now called Chronus. The icon is the same and the application itself looks and functions much the same as before. You are able to back-up Stock, Cydia and App Store applications (Documents folder). The application list is a little limited at the moment and the ability to backup your Contacts is missing. But, the developer is working on both of these things and we should see some good updates in the future. The app reminds me a lot of the first releases of TimeCapsule but I know we will see more features soon.
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AptBackup 1.1-3

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

AptBackup AptBackup is an application in Cydia that makes restoring 1000% less painful. It is in the BigBoss source and is a 43 kB download. Here is the text from the app:

‘This app will backup your Cydia installed app list. This does not back up your actual apps or apps settings. But it is close. It will make a list of everything you installed from Cydia and back that up. When you restore, it will reinstall all the packages in one step. The list is stored with other settings files and backed up with iTunes. After you restore your iPhone and restore your backup in iTunes, run the restore function here, and it should find and restore your apps. -BigBoss & Chris Featherstone-‘ [Read more…]

Syncing iPhone taking FOREVER…not anymore!

firmware 2.0 One thing that has been driving me crazy since upgrading to firmware 2.0 is that it takes forever to sync my iPhone…like FOREVER. Well, zerologic published an article describing how to turn off the back-up process using your Mac. This is only an option for those of you who do not keep a lot of important info on your iPhone because it means that you will no longer have a back-up of anything on your iPhone. You would still be able to sync your iPhone with information from your computer, like a contact’s list or calendar. However, anything you have exclusively on your iPhone would not be backed-up.

Make sure you read all the info below before proceeding!
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TimeCapsule 0.43b1

TimeCapsule In version 0.43b1 of TimeCapsule, a back-up and restore application, the developer has rewritten the backup function of the application…making it more stable. You can get TimeCapsule via the databinge source.

TimeCapsule 0.43b1

TimeCapsule 0.42b1

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.42b1 of TimeCapsule adds a few new features. Below is the change log via the developer. I would give you specifics but, my iPhone died! So, it is restore time again. I swear these restores are getting closer and closer together! TimeCapsule is available via the databinge source.

Change Log for version 0.42b1:
Call Favorites:
    • fixed: non-stop loop when backing up call favourites
    • Show number of call favorites in backup
Change in delete functions: [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.41b1

TimeCapsule There are no visual changes to version 0.41b1 of TimeCapsule. However, it does add the Danish translation back into the app and tidied up some code (Removed ‘backup by csv’ for everything other than SMS, because it was not supposed to be there). TimeCapsule is avilable through the databinge source.

TimeCapsule 0.41b1

RemoteNote 1.0.3

'RemoteNote The update to RemoteNote 1.0.3 adds a new Restore feature. This allows you to restore notes from a previously saved backup. When you create a backup using the RemoteNote Backup option, you are able to save the backup to your computer as a .db file. Once you have created a back-up you can restore/jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch and when you are finished restoring, you can then create a note in your stock Notes application (you have to have at least one note created in your Notes application in order to connect to RemoteNote) and use RemoteNote to restore the rest of your previously backed-up notes. To do so, select Restore and then choose the .df back-up file you saved to your computer. I personally [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.40b1 – 0.40b5

TimeCapsule The developer of TimeCapsule has released five versions of the application in the last few hours. Version 0.40b1 made quite a few changes to the application. The four versions following version 0.40b1 were just bug fixes. Below is a list of changes via the developer:

0.40b1 Change Log:
    • The backup location has changed from ~/Library/TimeCapsule to ~/Library/Preferences/TimeCapsule.
    • Completely rewritten SMS Repository
    • Changed all popup to slideup (more stable, the popup causes the program to crash sometimes) [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.37b1

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.37b1 of TimeCapsule now allows you to back-up your mobile favorites. Which is cool. You can also email SMS Repository in tab-delimited file (can be opened with EXCEL) and localization with lproj. I cannot tell you much about the last two options. They are restricted to the full version which unfortunately I do not have. Though, I did grab some screenshots off the developer’s website. TimeCapsule is available through the databinge source.

TimeCapsule 0.37b1 TimeCapsule 0.37b1 TimeCapsule 0.37b1 [Read more…]

TimeCapsule 0.34b2

TimeCapsule A quick update to version 0.34b2 of TimeCapsule fixes the issue from the previous version in which you were not able to back-up VNotes. After updating, VNotes was in the list on applications that could be backed-up and I was able to create a back-up of it. TimeCapsule is available through the databinge source.

TimeCapsule 0.34b2 TimeCapsule 0.34b2 TimeCapsule 0.34b2

TimeCapsule 0.34b1

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.34b1 of TimeCapsule adds the ability to back-up VNotes and ShowTime. However, I installed both ShowTime and VoicesNotes and only ShowTime showed up in TimeCapsule…even after recording adding a recording to both. I think this could be due to a firmware compatibility issue with VNotes. The developer also changed [Read more…]