TimeCapsule 0.42b1

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.42b1 of TimeCapsule adds a few new features. Below is the change log via the developer. I would give you specifics but, my iPhone died! So, it is restore time again. I swear these restores are getting closer and closer together! TimeCapsule is available via the databinge source.

Change Log for version 0.42b1:
Call Favorites:
    • fixed: non-stop loop when backing up call favourites
    • Show number of call favorites in backup
Change in delete functions:
    • delete individual backup available for all users (I forgot to add this function)
    • added delete all backups function (the clear button at the bottom navigation bar)
    • prompt user to enter a certain number before ‘delete all backups’ proceed to prevent accidental deletion
    • the trash-can button ‘clear’ in the bottom navigation bar now delete all backups instead of deleting temporary files
    • temporary files deleted automatically at startup

TimeCapsule 0.42b1

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