TimeCapsule 0.40b1 – 0.40b5

TimeCapsule The developer of TimeCapsule has released five versions of the application in the last few hours. Version 0.40b1 made quite a few changes to the application. The four versions following version 0.40b1 were just bug fixes. Below is a list of changes via the developer:

0.40b1 Change Log:
    • The backup location has changed from ~/Library/TimeCapsule to ~/Library/Preferences/TimeCapsule.
    • Completely rewritten SMS Repository
    • Changed all popup to slideup (more stable, the popup causes the program to crash sometimes)
    • Completely rewritten some file management functions. You will notice that deleting backup is almost instantaneous now. With this update, I can safely add support to backup Mail. Previously, Mail backups cannot be deleted properly, so I did not add Mail support until now
    • In the previous version, where the localization function was changed, TimeCapsule only supports English. Now the follow languages are added again:
      – French
      – German
      – Italian
      – Simplified Chinese
      – Traditional Chinese
    • Added support for :
      – IntelliScreen
      – iPhoneVideoRecorder
      – NetServices
      – Mail

This is a lot of change for an application. I restored my iPhone just before version 0.40b1 was released or I could have tried the new system to restore all my files on my freshly restored/jailbroke iPhone. I will have to give it a shot next time! Other than all the behind the scenes changes, the application looks the same as the previous versions. You can get TimeCapsule through the databinge source.

Time Capsule 0.40b5 Time Capsule 0.40b5

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  1. i cant find my back ups. any suggestions?

  2. nvm. u guys have the wrong file path though, its mobile/library/preferences/timecapsule. please fix that

  3. David Patrick says

    I spent 2 hours with the Dev last nite fixing the problems to get to this version, works great and I have say one of the best apps out there and great support, thank you!

  4. Whenever I tried to restore my back-up they never work.I copy them to my pc.. after I restore my iPhone I move them back and they simply don’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  5. DA187SUSPECT says

    It would be great if someone could post a step by step “how to” back up our files to our computer.

  6. Since i install this versions i cant sync with iTunes, allways restart the iphone…. maybe the language ?? i Have spanish

  7. A how to back up your apps then restore them after restoring iPhone would be real nice.