TimeCapsule now Chronus

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free or $7.99  

timecapsule Many of you probably remember TimeCapsule, an application that allows you to back up your iPhone, from firmware 1.1.4 and below. Well, it is now available for firmware 2.0+ however it has a new name. It is now called Chronus. The icon is the same and the application itself looks and functions much the same as before. You are able to back-up Stock, Cydia and App Store applications (Documents folder). The application list is a little limited at the moment and the ability to backup your Contacts is missing. But, the developer is working on both of these things and we should see some good updates in the future. The app reminds me a lot of the first releases of TimeCapsule but I know we will see more features soon.

Like TimeCapsule, you can use Chronus for free but you are limited to one back-up per application and as more features are added to the application, the free version will most likely not include all the features (as it was with TimeCapsule). If you had bought a license for TimeCapsule, your same license key will work with Chronus. If you would like to purchase the full Chronus app to get all the features and multiple back-ups, you can purchase the app for $7.99. Below are a few screenshots of Chronus.

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  1. I installed this yesterday and it would not load. I’m using iPhone 3G on 2.1 software. It would start to load…then back to Springboard, even after reboot. Any ideas?

  2. Huh, I didn’t have that problem. Though, the developer did mention on his website that some people were reporting crashing on start-up. You could try restarting your iPhone or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Let me know if that works or not. Mine worked fine even without a restart.

  3. Keeps crashing on my Fw 2.1 even after Respring….
    I will E-mail HC and tell him to fix it….

  4. Just a hunch for those people having issues, when you upgraded to 2.1 did you do a straight upgrade or did you do a restore?

  5. What does this program do that iTunes back and APTBackup can’t?

    • The difference is that Chronus backs up the data of both AppStore and Cydia/Installer apps, unlike APTbackup which doesn’t remember settings at all, just a list of the Cydia apps you have downloaded. And ‘AppBackup’ only works for AppStore apps too.

  6. i get the immediate crash too and this is on a brand new 3G – no restore – QuickPWN’ed.

    Similar problem with iPhoneVideoRecorder oddly enough – and I PAID for that app.

  7. Same here on 2.1 3G…
    ted: use cycorder – free, better than iPhoneVR

  8. the app still crashes after i have re-installed it and reboot my iphone..
    i think it doesn’t run on 2.0.2..

  9. Where is the folder with back up in iPhone file system I try with ssh I can find it

    Please help

  10. This may be a permission problem. BosPref – Fix User Dir, then Disable Apple App Killswitch, please tell me if this works

  11. I have the same Problem on my 3G 2.1! The App won’t load and crashes after 3 seconds… Remove/Reinstall won’t help too. HC mailed me a fixed version will be available soon in Cydia! Today i also have Network Errors for the Cydia Home Screen, someone else too?

  12. No problem in iPhone 1 under 2.1.
    Chronus backup data from numerous apps including SMS, VoiceMail, Fring… Useful when you have to install new firmware.
    With “Chronus”, “Air Sharing” and “Mobile Finder” you can Backup and restore data from your computer using location of files on your iPhone :
    – Chronus (TimeCapsule): /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/TimeCapsule
    – Air Sharing: /var/mobile/Applications/84BB570C… /Documents/Air Sharing/
    (just copy and paste the TimeCapsule Folder.

  13. ( Excuse for off- topic, please) Hey Brooke, did YOU know that there was an iPhysics lite on 2.x?

  14. I just bought the version 2.1 and it works. However, how coul I back up my app from Cydia and where??

  15. Where exactly is the backup stored? On your iPhone? Or does the backup get stored on your computer?

  16. Update- following the directions/advice above, I now have Chronus working. Using BossPrefs I 1st turned OFF Apple Kill switch and then Reset the Permissions. All worked then as it should for Chronus.

    STILL cant get iPhone video recorder to work. Cycorder works but not being able to easily move my videos or x-fer to YouTube makes Iphone Video Recorder better in my opinion.

  17. So let’s say my phone dies and has to be restored and re-jailbroken… will these backups somehow reappear and have the ability to apply to my restored apps once I’ve restored from an itunes back up, re-jailbroken, loaded my aptback-up restore of chronus and launched chronus? Is that wht this does?

    Thanks, I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth paying for.

  18. I cannot email the author or the support anymore, any idea what their emails are? I tried buying the software but the buy button takes me to a blog with nothing to do with Chronus!