TimeCapsule 0.41b1

TimeCapsule There are no visual changes to version 0.41b1 of TimeCapsule. However, it does add the Danish translation back into the app and tidied up some code (Removed ‘backup by csv’ for everything other than SMS, because it was not supposed to be there). TimeCapsule is avilable through the databinge source.

TimeCapsule 0.41b1

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  1. How do you use this app? I tried but I dont get it!

  2. not sure if anyone has this problem. but i never managed to get time capsule to restore the installer file, in particular for RemotePackages.plist. It seems that when I restored, it truncated the file size always to 783,820 bytes.

    • ok… i find something interesting here. time capsule is actually trying to backup the installer files (remotepackages.plist) from /var/root/library rather than /var/mobile directory. hence the static 783820 byte file.