Winterboard Font Pack

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterboardToday in Cydia, a package in the Ste source was relaesed called ‘Winterboard Font Pack’. When you install it, it adds 19 professional fonts to your Winterboard database. What it does is it customizes the font of your springboard. Every app’s name on every page on your springboard will change to the font you select. This works perfectly and provides a nice variety of fonts that make your springboard even nicer that what it is. :)

My personal favorite is the Marker Felt Font (which is the font on the ‘Notes’ app). What about you?

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  1. Not a huge difference but it is pretty cool anyway…… I would like to see if there would be any colorful ones. (It would be nice to have more screen shots 2 but nice work overall)

  2. iambored8097 says

    idk if anyone has mentioned this, but you can now quickpwn iPhone 2G and 3G running 2.1. Check bigboss’s blog

    • Thats a heck of a list! I’ll wait for iTunes 8 compatible and easy QuickPwn. Thanks anyway, maybe I have to use it when QuickPwn takes its time.
      Tooooo complicated..

  3. Any reason why the font colour is grey and not white? It would be nice to have more contrast.

  4. PS. I was running into a problem enabling the winterboard font. I was putting a check mark next to one of the fonts I decided to use and nothing was happening. I emailed the developer and he advised..

    Make sure you move whatever font you wish you use up to the top of your winterboard list and it will work.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Hope you start feeling better Brooke :)

  6. hey is there a possiblity that you would be able to add your own fonts to that list?
    that would be cool!

  7. Aqua Dublavee says

    @shipshape you can download a package from Cydia that allows you to change the font colors of your whole system. I forget the name but just search for color change and you’ll find it.

    • @Aqua Dublavee – you mean FontColors, right? I already have it installed, but it doesn’t seem to interact with Winterboard Font Pack. I can use one or the other, but not both at the same time. The odd thing is that the font in the dock is white, but it’s grey everywhere else on the springboard. I’ve changed wallpaper and themes, and the result is the same. Not really a big deal I guess, since I don’t like most of the fonts. Thanks all the same.

  8. I realised even after you uninstall the font pack. your font will stay grey!
    It’s kinda annoying when u have the wallpaper turned on on your homescreen.

    Tried the font colours from cydia but on the status bar. the clock will become white on grey background. Almost unreadable.

    Hope this will be fixed

  9. ooooooh I like this !! I never changed the fonts manuallly because I was too lazy ! Great news!

    On an another subject, no one seems to give Pocketguitar the attention it deserves : /
    I would be very happy if you did just a tiny blog post about it …
    its really an amazing app. In my opinion, the best ! But thats because I’m a guitar fan ^_^
    Cheers AIS!

  10. When are we going to be able to change the system font?

  11. i’ve been having the gray font problem even without this. i suspect it has something to due with winterboard and kate being installed at the same time, cuz kate has problems with winterboad, and kate has options to change font color

  12. spoonforknife says

    I’m the creator and the reason it is grey is because that is the default springboard font color. I cannot add fonts because this simply enables fonts that are already built in to the device.

  13. deaddude says

    Is it possible to use the fonts from fontswap with this technique?

    Fontswap trashes my device, but this method looks safer…

  14. I can’t fond this on Cydia nor Rock. Any help wold be great, thanks!

  15. spoonforknife says

    STE shut down, so the package is no longer on Cydia. Check out in the mean time.