Black Mamba Racer 1.2

Available In: App Store       Price: Free or $1.99  

Black Mamba Racer The fella’s over at StarByte are proud to present Black Mamba Racer! This game is a pretty challenging game about racing in teeny cars amongst many different race tracks. When you first open the app, it asks for your name. This will be your profile name throughout the whole game however, you can change it in the Options menu. Once you enter a name, it takes you to the main menu where you can select from; Play, Options, or Help. Help will bring you to a screen where the Black Mamba Racer gives you a few tips on how to play, and strategies on how to win. Options brings up the normal options, such as Game Volume, Name Change, and others. Play will bring up the level select screen. Levels are set up in 2 races. The first is a time trial to see if you can complete the track in the allotted time. The second one is where you actually race against 4 other drones (Blue one is the toughest opponent, then Green, then Yellow, and White is not so good ;) ). [Read more…]