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Darts The developer Brian Hammond brings his first app into the App Store, and it looks like its a must-have app! For everyone who is a fan of Dart games, Brian Hammond has released Darts, the best dart game in the App Store! Darts comes with 2 dart games: X01 and Cricket. X01, which is the most popular darts game, is when you have to hit numbers to get your score from a pre-set score back to 0. The objective of Cricket (which was a new one for me) is to hit a number between 15-20 and Bulls-eye 3 times each. The first person to do so, wins. This game is pretty simple to play, but can range in difficulty from fairly easy, to practically impossible!

On the dart board, you control a little white crosshair, which determines where your dart will primarily attempt to aim. Once you have found where to aim, you must swipe your finger from about halfway of the screen up to throw the dart. The speed that you flick your finger determines how high or low the dart will land above the crosshair. Trust me, it takes some time to find the perfect speed to flick to get the dart to land EXACTLY where you want it. This app is really fun and a HUGE icon to wasting time in a fun way. The best part about it is this app is COMPLETELY FREE!

If you want more info on the app, how to play, screenshots and videos, and support for donations and FAQ’s, Brian Hammond has set up a website for the app. The address is www.dartsapp.com.
If you’re into fun time wasting apps, then Darts is for you!

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  1. Im not sure what it is but I find this game very easy to play. Even on the hardest difficulty. Its true that is takes some time to find the speed in which you should flick your finger, but once you got it, its easy. Maybe I just play to many video games, ha!

  2. Steve101: Go into the settings (they are in the settings app) and change the throw method. makes the game much harder and funner.

  3. idarts is way better