NY Mets Winterboard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoardWell I was cruising along Cydia again when I saw something that made me pinch myself! Now, being born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I am into baseball and a HUGE Mets fan. Well my dreams have finally come true: a NY Mets theme!

It’s a 1MB download, and has not that many icons (for now, only the base apps and some other apps like Cydia, Winterboard, Tap Tap, you know, the basic stuff). One thing I love about this app is the lock screen. The slider is a little sliding Met and you slide him all the way to a home plate to unlock the phone, which is so cool, I just had to point it out specifically! Too bad I can’t get a screenshot of it! :( Well its a good theme and still developing.

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  1. OUT iPhone 2.1 FW pwnagetools:D

  2. Can anyone tell me if they know if three of my favorite apps will be ported over to 2.xx firmware. 1Shoot, SpringDial, and iBirthday?

    Im still on a 1.1.4 jailbroken phone, but want to go up to 2.xx without losing those apps…tell me some good news…

    • spring dial is there as tapdial, call me and one is also available from the app store

      1shoot……and iBday are not,

  3. How about someone creating a Chicago Cubs one. :)

    Eamus Catuli

    • Jim (Absinth Minded) says

      My best friend is a hugh Cubs fan & I just talked him into getting a iPhone so I’ll be making a Cubby’s soon. Thanks, Jim

  4. New ipod touch/ iphone game that is AMAZING. Its called X-Plane 9 but i couldn’t find it in the search in itunes. Just go to game, simulation and it should be on the first page. $9.99 is definitely worth it, just check out the screen shots

  5. Jim (Absinth Minded) says

    ROFL!!! I can’t believe you guys did a review on one of my themes. I’ve only made 6 themes so far, the Ohio State, Tennessee Vols, Kentucky Wildcats, Wisconsin Badgers, Georgia Bulldogs (not up for download yet) and of course the New York Mets. I’ve received lots of requests for several different sports themes and do not plan on making them all but I do intend on making more. I have received payment for custom themes and am obligated to create those before I create other general sports themes.

    If anyone has a request for a specific team with a PayPal donation, e-mail me at: flashlightb182@gmail.com

    P.S. To Douglas and Brooke–I’m an avid user of this site. Thanks for maintaining a great site for us iPhone users. Keep up the good work!!

  6. take a picture of the lockscreen

  7. mets ftw!!!

  8. Lets see some themes for real teams, like the DALLAS COWBOYS!!!!!

  9. how about the phillies??

  10. how do i get this app