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BubblePro I’m SURE you guys are familiar with the app “BubbleWrap”, right? If not, it’s a really addicting, yet pointless app of popping bubbles on bubble-wrap (I’m sure it’s something EVERYONE enjoyed doing as a kid). Well, meet their big sister. This app is from the same company and has the same gameplay, but with a twist: if you get the highest score, you win MONEY. Here’s how it works: the app records your high score on a huge list, and it displays the top 10 high scores when you record yours. The coolest thing about it is that contests NEVER STOP. Once one contest ends, another one begins. And they’re fairly long, usually a week.

The current contest prize is $100, with a high-score of 454!! That’s CRAZY high! And the last contest’s prize went as high as $500! The overall gameplay adds one new feature that BubbleWrap does not have. If you select an empty space, a buzzer sounds and you lose one point. In the original version, when you tap an empty space, it does nothing. This app is fairly cheap as well, sitting at a mere $1.99, but can bring you huge rewards. My high score is currently 224…what’s yours?

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  1. wow holy crap I can’t keep up with this thanks brook

  2. That was DJContagious…but thanks! :) I haven’t even tried it yet…I will have to give it a shot.

  3. The current competition finishes at Midnight, Christmas eve, so still a chance to win the $200. Tomorrow a new competition starts, and the prize is $500 again. Also we’ve updated the app, so there is no way to cheat. The competition is very close and no one has managed to get 300 points yet. Have fun! And note the price is now just one dollar.

  4. Is there a stategy to getting the 5x and 2x multipliers???? Thx

  5. Theres gotta be some strategy to x2 and x5 bubbles, my current high score is 253, i always seem to run out of bubbles were im just sitting there waiting for more to spawn.

  6. My highest score is 262

  7. My score is 275…getting 300 is like impossible!

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  10. 316. I’m #1 on the current leader board. Here are a few tips:

    1.play on an iPad. Always.
    2.play with another person. Have that person cover half the board and you cover the other half.
    3. While you play, talk to that other person about random things.

    Hope this helped! Good luck