QuickUnlock 0.1

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

QuickUnlock Today a new mod was released (via ModMyiFone) called QuickUnlock. Don’t be confused, they’re talking about Lock Screens, not GUI SIM Card unlocks! What it does is it allows easy access to your springboard by simply tapping the Home button 3 times consecutively. When you tap it 3 times, it temporarily shows your springboard for 10 seconds (unless the Home button is tapped again or an app is launched) and locks again. It installed easily and works like a charm. The only concern is you have to press the Home button pretty fast to trigger it. This is a great mod to use when you quickly have to access something.

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  1. DJContagious says

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  2. i use it and its great [:

    thanks for the post DJ

  3. What theme r u using in the picture? I like all the blue

  4. slide to unlock doesn’t seem that difficult to achieve, but maybe in some ocassions I could actually use this

  5. yeaaaa my media is in cydia again whit the sosiphone source hhhaahahahahaahahahahhaahhahahahahahah

  6. Quickgold keeps popping up, which makes it really annoying. Between the two, I will take Quickgold any day.

  7. How is clicking the home button three times quicker than sliding your finger slightly above it? This is wierd o_O

    • You have to press once to get the lock screen up,easier with one hand less chance of dropping it

  8. what is the modmyifone source

  9. Is there an app like this for iphones that are not jailbroken?

  10. quickunlock makes my iphone crash to safe mode. suggestions to prevent this bug.