Lock 1.0

lock Lock was made by XianLi in order to allow people with a broken sleep/power button to lock their iPhone and/or iPod Touch. The application is very simple. Click on the Lock icon, a loading screen will appear and voilà your iPhone/iPod is locked. You can still use Lock to lock your device even if the top power button is not broken. You can get Lock from the iClarified source. Check out the screen shots below!

Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0 Lock 1.0

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  1. Please bring it back to FULL rss feeds please? I’ll pay you. Not really, but c’mon. Even heavily trafficked sites like RLSLog are doing full rss feeds.

  2. You know I thought th iClarified source was a dangerous source. Well I’ll admit someone of there apps are pretty good but iClarified is a bad source. Didn’t the BigBoss said something about this source?

  3. Installed it, tried it, didn’t like it much.
    It takes a lil time after pressing the icon, it doesn’t go to sleep inmediately…
    Uninstalled now.
    Thanks anyway!

  4. hey how did you hide the date on the lockscreen….

  5. Hi,

    Does anybody know if this app has been ported to FW 2.2? This is very useful for me, like the SHUTDOWN app. Both are installed in my 1.1.4 Firmware.

    Please give any info. Thanks