tt-clock 1.0

tt-clock tt-clock is a 4-way digital clock that talks made by Jake Wolpert. When you start the application, you have to tap the screen once more in order to get to the clock. The clock is set in military time and there is no way to change that. Your iPhone/iPod Touch can be in landscape mode and upside down, or portrait mode and upside down. Either way, the digital clock will change according to the direction and it changes color according to the direction as well! Another thing I found was if you lay your device flat it will sometime go black and if you flip it over, the application will crash. If you tap the digital clock, you will hear a robotic voice telling you the time. The voice does not tell you the exact time but it uses approximations like “quarter-to”. You can get tt-clock from the BigBoss source. Check out the screen shots below and an example of the audio.

Here is an example of the audio – tt-clock audio

tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0 tt-clock 1.0

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  1. Kind of useless! =(

  2. the app was a day’s work, to demo talking jiggy apps.

    look for more now!

  3. Yea it is useless, if I wanted to see what time it is I would just look at the top right hand corner. :D