JGoogle 1.1

JGoogle JGoogle is a full screen Safari browser developed by Jake Wolpert. When you start the application, you are able to type a web address. YOU MUST INCLUDE “HTTP://”. The web site that you entered will open without the safari top and bottom buttons. Basically, it is just a clean website. The downside is that you can only open one webpage at a time. The other downside is that you cannot view the webpage in landscape view. Overall, I prefer just using Safari. I do not see any point of removing the top and bottom bar while losing all the features that make Safari great. You can get JGoogle from the BigBoss source. Check out the screen shots below.

JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1 JGoogle 1.1

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  1. i would rather prefer safari

  2. 02askyblog.com

  3. Qwert


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