Penguin Panic 2.5

Penguin Panic Penguin Panic 2.5 consists of some strong and needed updates. The icon was changed once more. The main character that you control, “the penguin”, has now added a hat and a scarf to it’s attire. Also a small bar was added at the bottom of the start menu that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. “Settings” makes me excited for the next version of Penguin Panic. You can’t do anything in the settings right now but, in a future release you will be able to change the “Penguin Color”, “Background theme”, “Difficulty”, and some other things that are not mentioned. The last major update is the graphics in the actual game play. The background consists of a mountain view with some trees. It doesn’t look bland anymore. :) The only problem I had was once when I was playing, the penguin just disappeared! You can get Penguin Panic from the BigBoss source.

Penguin Panic 2.5 Penguin Panic 2.5 Penguin Panic 2.5 Penguin Panic 2.5 Penguin Panic 2.5 Penguin Panic 2.5 Penguin Panic 2.5

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  1. This game didn’t do it for me.
    It was fun the first 2-3 times I played it, seeing the lil guy sliding from here to there but didn’t cut it.
    It is now uninstalled.
    Thanks for the info though!

  2. hey guys i dunno where can i find that game can anyone give me a link or a way to get it for my iPod