FingerRun 0.1b

FingerRun FingerRun is a treadmill application for your fingers developed by ipodtouchmaster. When you start the application, you will see a treadmill. You are supposed to make a running motion on the treadmill with your finger in order to make the blue number increase. You can actually make the number increase by swiping anywhere. I just took my finger and made circle motions, and got to 6,000 in no time. :) After 6,500 the application randomly crashed. This application is great if you want your fingers to lose weight or something. You can get FingerRun from the iSpazio source. Check out the screen shots below.

FingerRun 0.1b FingerRun 0.1b FingerRun 0.1b FingerRun 0.1b FingerRun 0.1b

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  1. ipodtouchmaster, i think you should make ibackup better, instead of making this app(or updating it), because no offence but it is completely pointless. maybe some kinda pedometer app would be good(using the accelerometer)

  2. haha! this is so funny, oh my gosh are you going to try to release it in the appstore? cause that would be hilarious. I would maybe add a welcome screen that contains quotes like, “I have been using FingerRun for 2 weeks and already I have lost almost a gram of weight in my fingers!”
    haha or maybe, “my girlfriend says she notices major improvements since using FingerRun” lol

  3. I dont know what is the purpose of this app =))
    Hahaha .. this is the most stupid app i ever installed =))
    Funny app :))

  4. Turner90 says

    when i got to 5865 it crashed and i had no icons on my springboard but it was nothing

  5. lol … no circuling needed!
    just put down 2 fingers and the counter will run fast !
    crashed at 3700

    still funny idea :D