JFWChanger 1.0

JFWChanger JFWChanger was created by Khaos139 and it is an application that changes the iPhone and/or iPod Touch firmware version number and the base number. When you open the application you can either choose from “Preset Firmwares” which are officially released firmware or you can make up your own firmware by tapping on “Make Custom Firmware”. Once you have selected a firmware, you can go into your stock Settings and your version number should be changed to the one you selected. When I changed the firmware, it would not work for me but, it has work for others. There are two main reasons for this application. First it allows some application that won’t run a certain firmware to run, it basically tricks the application. The second reason is to further customize your device. You can get JFWChanger from the BigBoss source. Check out the screen shots below!!

Note: This only changes the firmware number; not your actual firmware.

JFWChanger 1.0 JFWChanger 1.0 JFWChanger 1.0 JFWChanger 1.0 JFWChanger 1.0 JWFChanger 1.0 JFWChanger 1.0

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  1. uhmms i have a question

    say i want to change to FW:2.0 will it stay like that and i loose installer?

  2. oops nvmmm didnt read it all

  3. i cant change my firmware from 1.1.3 to the real one, 1.1.4!!