Tetris! 2.5

Tetris! Tetris 2.5 brings some great updates and finally makes me excited for further development of this application. The first update is that there is a new icon again. Also a small bar was added at the bottom of the start menu that includes: “Main Menu”, “Credits”, “Info”, and “Settings”. The coolest thing is “Settings”. Right now, you can’t do anything in setting but in a future release you will be able to change the “Background theme”, “Difficulty”, and some other things that are not mentioned. The last thing changed was the look of the actually game play. The background is a bit darker, and the blocks look brighter. This is a GREAT update, hope to see more. You can get Tetris 2.5 from the BigBoss source.

Tetris 2.5 Tetris 2.5 Tetris 2.5 Tetris 2.5 Tetris 2.5 Tetris 2.5 Tetris 2.5

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  1. this looks nice… =/ i just really miss tris, did the developer stop making it? it was just so… pretty haha.

  2. I don’t know if it’s fixed in this version, but I’ve always had a problem with this glitch: sometimes after clearing rows, blocks will be there even when they shouldn’t be, and new tetrominos will pass right through them. I stick with Tris. It also looks better.

  3. version 2.5 doesn’t work with Firmware 1.114. All I see is a blank screen. Does anybody else have this problem?

  4. Which one is better? Tris or Tetris?

    • Personally I like tris a lot more, but it needs more development which isn’t happening.

    • tris is way better.

      – fewer glitches
      – much shorter delay between pieces
      – better/smoother controls
      – graphically more polished
      – high scores
      – pause and resume, even after quitting

  5. Where it is in cydia?