Tetris! 1.2

Tetris! Tetris! is tetris hence it’s name. It is far superior over Tetromino which is also a tetris game. You can get it from the newATTiPhone.com source. It requires Jiggy Runtime in order to actually play it so, make sure you install that first! When you open up the game for the first time it will ask you for your name. The game requires a name because Tetris! has a high score table. On the actual game screen you will notice the buttons “pause” and “hold piece”. The biggest difference from Tetromino is that there is NO physical arrow buttons. Tetris! uses the capabilities of the Iphone/Ipod. You use finger swipes to play the game. Swiping your finger upward will rotate the piece, swiping left will make the piece go left, swiping right will make it go right, and swiping down will make it go down…pretty self explanatory. I had no problems with the swipes, it recognized every single swipe I made. You get bonuses for clearing more than one line. If you clear four or more you get “Tetris!” which just gives you even more points. Once the blocks reache the top of the screen you lose. You have the choice to submit your score or to play again. Tetris! is exactly like the original tetris that everyone loves, but this has finger swipes and a high score table, which makes it ten times better. If you are a fan of tetris then this is an easy choice. Check out the screenshots:

Tetris! 1.2 Tetris! 1.2 Tetris! 1.2 Tetris! 1.2 Tetris! 1.2

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  1. looks good!

  2. cowabunga dudes !

  3. maybe today it not my day, which is the source? I tried

    newATTiPhone.com source



    nothing, no Tetris in my installer. ;(

  4. Adriano Macêdo says

    Stefan, try —> newattiphone.com/repo.xml

    So, just look in ALL PACKAGES. Tetris still there, ok?

    Best Regards,
    Adriano Macedo

  5. Adriano thanks, it works, best Stefan

  6. You are supposed to click on “newATTiPhone.com source” in the above post, and it will take you to the full list of sources.

  7. Does this app work with 1.1.3?

    • yes it does. Most ALL games work with 1.1.3. It may require you to change permissions, but they ALL work to my knowledge. It take a little more effort. Most apps work with 1.1.3, but they require you to change the permissions. Only few apps like Customize do not work fully.

  8. i actually installed this a couple of weeks ago and works fine without installing jiggy runtime…

  9. K. Dharmavanij says

    Tetris is not working on my 1.1.3 Iphone even after changed permissions. Or I did it the wrong way. Start the first screen and gone!!

  10. K. Dharmavanij says

    Already Change permissions to 777 Still gone!!

    • I am not sure what your problem could be. If you are using categories sometime the game will not show up. The only way to make it show is by adding it to a category, and then it will be in that category. I know for a face that it work on 1.1.3 because I had that. If it still does not work, post in our forums.

  11. to many bugs for me… going to unninstall it. i’ll try again when new version arrives

  12. Just serfed in. Great site, guys!

  13. Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)n

  14. Alon Spitzer says

    I Think that Tris has much better graphics and gameplay.

  15. arturo ibarrola says

    I need that my iphone vibrate or beep after a certain period of time in a call (for example every 4 minutes)
    Do you know of any application?

  16. @Arturo Ibarrola

    IntelliScreen can notify you of missed calls,sms and email

    It will notify you with vibrate a ringtone or both together and you can set the minutes yourself (eg 5/8/10/12 etc minutes)

  17. Greg Kuehn says

    Please help. Love game but get the following error message.
    JavaScript error ‘uncaught exception: Failed to evaluate ‘/var/Applications/Tetris.app/File/about.js” in “atline0”

    I am running Jiggy runtime.