Penguin Panic! 1.6

Penguin PanicPenguin Panic! is a tilt based game published by NewAttiPhone. When you first start the game you are greeted with a title screen asking you to name your penguin. This name will be used for the high-score table. There is also a tab for contest details, this is just a contest for fans of the application to make additional power-ups. Once you are done entering your name you tap “go”. You are thrown into the game right away. The game is in landscape mode. The point is to dodge the randomly falling icicles. Your score increases the longer you are alive. Power-ups also fall from the top of the screen. A blue snowflake gives you 500 points, red deducts 500 points, green increases the penguin’s speed, and yellow decreases the penguin’s speed. Once you are hit by an icicle [Read more…]

Tetris! 1.2

Tetris! Tetris! is tetris hence it’s name. It is far superior over Tetromino which is also a tetris game. You can get it from the source. It requires Jiggy Runtime in order to actually play it so, make sure you install that first! When you open up the game for the first time it will ask you for your name. The game requires a name because Tetris! has a high score table. On the actual game screen you will notice the buttons “pause” and “hold piece”. The biggest difference from Tetromino is that there is NO physical arrow buttons. Tetris! uses the capabilities of the Iphone/Ipod. You use finger swipes to play the game. Swiping your finger upward will [Read more…]