Penguin Panic! 1.6

Penguin PanicPenguin Panic! is a tilt based game published by NewAttiPhone. When you first start the game you are greeted with a title screen asking you to name your penguin. This name will be used for the high-score table. There is also a tab for contest details, this is just a contest for fans of the application to make additional power-ups. Once you are done entering your name you tap “go”. You are thrown into the game right away. The game is in landscape mode. The point is to dodge the randomly falling icicles. Your score increases the longer you are alive. Power-ups also fall from the top of the screen. A blue snowflake gives you 500 points, red deducts 500 points, green increases the penguin’s speed, and yellow decreases the penguin’s speed. Once you are hit by an icicle you get a “game over” screen. It says your score and you have the option to “Submit Score!” or “Play Again!”. The game mechanic is simple. Tilt your Ipod/iPhone to move the penguin. Titling the device to the right makes the penguin slide to the right and tilting left slides the penguin to the left. This game has two huge problems that make it hard to like. The first is that it has way to many glitches. Sometime I can pass straight through an icicle while other times I get hit by one when I am not near one. The second reason is that the game is based way to much on luck. They should show a row of icicles at the top that shake a bit before they fall. If this was used, it would require some type of skill. The strategy used for how the game is set-up currently is hoping that you are in the right spot at the right time. The game requires Jiggy Runtime. You can get the game from source. Below are the screenshots.

Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6 Penguin Panic! 1.6

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  1. I’ve got the problem when i try to install Jiggy Runtime, the Installer says i must install Jiggy Runtime first.

  2. I have installed this game on my iphone… but i do not know how to come out of the game. Instead of 2 buttons “submit score” and “play again” I have only one big button saying play again. The game does not shut… pls help


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