Pysl 0.90b3

Pysl I was a little leery to try version 0.90b3 of Pysl. There have been a few updates since the last time I tried this application. I wanted to give it a chance to work out some of the bugs before I tried it again. Well, I decided to give it another shot and I am impressed. I found that there have been a few changes to the app (and that they all work!). I was able to add a number to the Blacklist and block both SMS and Calls from the number with success. Which is a major change from the last version I installed of this application. Also, there is a Scheduler option which allows you to choose when you would like to filter calls from certain numbers. A great feature!

If you do decided to add a phone number to the Blacklist and block either the Texts or Calls from that number, they will not show up in your stock SMS or Call History on your iPhone. The Texts and Calls will only show up in the SMS History and Call History in Pysl (unless you have the Delete option turned on, then you will not see the Text or Call anywhere on your iPhone). I was also pleased to see that the options with-in the Settings menu now work as well. When I turned on the Status Bar notifcation, it put a little square icon on my status bar when I receive a call that was blocked. It did not ring, nor did the call show up in the Call History on my iPhone but, it added the square icon to my Status Bar and the call was in the Call History list in Pysl. I am actual impressed with the progress this app has made. It seems much more stable and reliable then the last time I used it. Let me know in the comments how it is working for you! Oh! The only annoying thing is that you get the Donate pop-up every time you open the app, to get rid of it you just have to donate. Pysl is available through the iClarified source.

Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3 Pysl 0.90b3

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  1. My HERO!!! Ive been patiently waiting for a review and just as leery as you…….ans you came through big time!!! Thx

  2. its about time that this app finally got on the right track and now wont screw up.. thank goodness.. this app was fully tested on 113 and 114. if you have 112 or earlier i would not install this..

  3. in the previous version the block sms worked perfectly. I would never get the annoying pop up message, however in this version it does not see to work as well. FYI, I really like your site..and I refer a lot of people here to get accurate information..but it would be nice if you moderated it. I left a comment a couple weeks back and some idiot left an extremely rude comment at me. There are plenty of other forums for those who wish to lash out , being that this one seemed to be a user friendly more mature environment, I was very disappointed that no one ( meaning those that run the site ) said anything to him. I WOULD HAVE REPLIED TO HIM ..but did not want to stoop to his level.

  4. Thnx Brooke , works fine for me :)

  5. It doesn’t seem to work entirely for me. I can select a number from my contacts but not a number from the recent calls list or from the sms list. Jailbroken 1.1.4 with att service.

  6. APP Works great now i like it very much. All very well organized and understandable. Only thing to say is that the APP should let you choose which king of response you wanted for incoming blocked calls if busy signal, Voice mail or nothing. It has voice mail option but on my iphone this option just send a busy signal. The other option just do nothing so if someone calls you you phone don’t react but the caller thinks that you don’t want to answer the phone. This kind of aplications have to work in a way that callers think you have your phone disconected. BE CAREFUL when unistalling because after uninstalling my iPhone was not able to send or receive any calls and SMS and a FULL recovery was needed. When you install this is for life.

    • cool_guy says

      is this true? Brooke.. can you please verify this? we can’t uninstall the app?? Noooooooo……

    • I was able to uninstall the application with no problem. I just removed everyone from my blacklist and then turned off Enable (so the app would be disabled when I uninstalled it). I didn’t have any problems! I did install the app fresh…I did not upgrade from the previous version.

  7. Alejandro says

    Really, when uninstalling that app, i will not going to send/receive any call or SMS?
    Someone checked that?
    So i’ll think a lot to put it or not…

    Thanks a lot from Argentina…

    • That happened to me. I have 1.1.4. I will try in another iPhone to be sure. My problem is when the program have an update it could give us serious problems because normally updates unninstall old app and then install new one. When i unnistaled the app and get unable to send/receive calls and sms i tried to install again to see if it undo the situation but unfortunatelly no. So if there is an update i suspect that, if we do it, we can have problems. I will try again in another iPhone (not mine for sure) i have for Xperiments and say something about.

  8. This app now works flawlessly on my 16 gig. I have tested every feature and uninstalled it and reinstalled 3 or 4 times. I think its great..especially hiding the sms pop ups that REALLY annoyed me.

  9. Hi,
    I’m happy to read these friendly messages about lastest version of Pysl.
    The problem about uninstallation is solved since 0.4x version and you could install/unistall it without fear..

    Rikk (Pysl developper)

    • Hi Rikk,

      Congratulations on 090 Version. Very nice. In fact i tested it in a 8Gb iphone and after unistalling i had to restore it because it was unable to make/receive calls and send/receive SMS, even respecting instructions to turn off iphone even in installer. I will try now on my 16Gb iPhone and i hope to have no problems. I will not uninstall but if you make an upgrade i’m afraid to have problems because other people reported problems when updating. The true is in version 042b many people reported problems uninstalling and i installed it and uninstalled (only because Text in Text messages Pop UP was not well formated and Whitelist was not working yet) without any problems in a 8G and 16G. Changing subject, how can i donate ? i can’t Paypal here so i have to pay with my VISA or i can make a bank transfer if you give me your details. 1st i think you deserve it, 2nd i want to remove that annoying counter of yours !!! Other thing, in PYPL when you ask to send message to Voicemail my phone just send a busy signal. There is a program similar to yours (iBlacklist) that sends correctly mail to Voicemail when you ask. It even has a menu in general option where you can choose what phone does when someone in Blacklist and Whitelist calls you (Voicemail, Busy signal, No action). PYPL don’t have that option, only in Blacklist you can choose what to do. In Whitelist there is no option so NO ACTION is the only phone do. When someone blocked calls you it is better he/she thinks mobile is disconnected (send to voicemail working correctly) because if there is no answer the person can think it we want not to answer isn’t it ? Do you intend to make any upgrade in the next days ? Resuming, congratulations. The program is great and was the one missing for iPhone. Now iPhone is perfect.

  10. Alejandro says

    I putted that app… and that my experience:
    1) I’m from argentina, and the home page from Pysl say that could be translate in spanish all the menus, could you? I don’t.
    2) To block calls i must put before all the numbers +54 to be locked.
    3) SMS’s could not be blocked or deleted. I probed it and nothing happens. People (blocked or deleted) wrote me and i saw all the SMS’s…
    Some could give some information to use it?
    Or where can i found a manual?
    thanks a lot…

  11. I could not add the numbers to the Blacklist from SMS & also from calls!!

  12. does anyone have the hacked version of this???

  13. prinzessin says

    Where can I install this version from, when i try installin through Cydia I only get the 2.0 version !!! Plz help