Pysl 0.90b3

Pysl I was a little leery to try version 0.90b3 of Pysl. There have been a few updates since the last time I tried this application. I wanted to give it a chance to work out some of the bugs before I tried it again. Well, I decided to give it another shot and I am impressed. I found that there have been a few changes to the app (and that they all work!). I was able to add a number to the Blacklist and block both SMS and Calls from the number with success. Which is a major change from the last version I installed of this application. Also, there is a Scheduler option which allows you to choose when you would like to filter calls from certain numbers. A great feature!

If you do decided to add a phone number to the Blacklist [Read more…]

Pysl 0.41b1 – Do Not Install

Pysl I am having A TON of issues with version 0.41b1 of Pysl. I would highly recommend NOT installing it NOR upgrading to it!! After installing this version, I was not able to make or receive phone calls. I also was not able to send or receive Texts (it would respring my iPhone every time I tried). So, I uninstalled the app and I was still unable to make/receive phone calls. Though, I could send and receive texts. This was not an issue I could fix and ended up restoring my iPhone! :(

Pysl 0.41b1

Pysl .40b3

Pysl Version .40b3 of Pysl works a little better than the previous version (at least for me)! Whitelist and Scheduler are still unavailable in this version however, Call History is available now. There is also a new option when you are adding a number to your Blacklist that allows you to turn on/off Call Stop Mode. What is really cool is that Call Stop Mode actually worked for me this time! When I entered the number into my Blacklist [Read more…]

Pysl 0.32

PYSL In version 0.32 of Pysl…Whitelist, Call History and Scheduler do not work. Though, I like that it now gives you a pop-up telling you that it doesn’t work instead of leaving you wondering if it works or not. So, props for that. All the Settings seem to work like they should. I was able to enter a password…which it then make me enter every time I open the app but, that is good, you don’t want people adding number to your Blacklist without you knowing!! The Vibration, Status Bar, Alarm and SMS Privacy all worked as well. But, as cool as it is that all the setting work… [Read more…]

Pysl 0.31

PyslPysl is an app that allows you to manage your Calls and Texts. You can add a phone number to a Blacklist and then set the phone so it doesn’t even ring when called by that number or immediately deletes a text message received by a number. There are also a few other features that look really cool! However, we can not get this app to work. Not an any of our iPhones…we tried everything. We can get the app to open but when we add a number to the blacklist and set it not to ring…it still rings. So, [Read more…]