Pysl .40b3

Pysl Version .40b3 of Pysl works a little better than the previous version (at least for me)! Whitelist and Scheduler are still unavailable in this version however, Call History is available now. There is also a new option when you are adding a number to your Blacklist that allows you to turn on/off Call Stop Mode. What is really cool is that Call Stop Mode actually worked for me this time! When I entered the number into my Blacklist and was then called by that number, my iPhone did not ring. The call did however show up in my Recent Calls section of my Phone and in the Call History portion Pysl.

Doug said the first time he called it rang once and then had around 15 seconds of dead air and then went to my voicemail. I think the average person would have hung up during the 15 seconds of blank air thinking something was wrong. However, when Doug called back again, after the first time he called, it went straight to my voicemail without the 15 seconds of blank air (it continued to go straight to voicemail without the blank air from then on…no matter how many times he called). I still can’t seem to get the SMS Stop to work!! Let me know if you guys have any better luck! Pysl is avilable through the iClarified source.

Note: Remember to respring your SpringBoard after you make changes in this app.

Pysl .40b3 Pysl .40b3 Pysl .40b3

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  1. does sms privacy work? and if so how is it supposed to work? because i put in a password and i put sms privacy on and i tried going to my sms and you could still see them am i supposed to do something else or does it not work at teh moment? do u guys no?

    • Yepp sms privacy is working.

      For info. SMS privacy is to block all incoming sms from appear in your homescreen but still can be read from SMS text. All sms sound also will turn off.

  2. I got everything working make sure u put a 1 before the number on ur contact. The only bug i c it mess up all my sms tone sound

  3. yeah, it messed up all my sms ringtones; there is no sound at all. ill just wait for an improved version. If everything works as promised in the future, this will be the best phone app ever!

  4. I’ve read these reviews before, but I’m still not sure what this app does exactly. Can someone please give me a brief explanation.

    • ServerSage says

      It lets you filter incoming calls and SMS messages. So lets say some telemarketer calls you EVERY day, you can add them to a black list so the call never even shows up on your phone. It simply gets dumped.

    • So, this wouldn’t really be useful to me would it?

  5. When somebody callme with “blocked call” the iPhone is locked and comeback to the normally when the call is finish, the problem is the program because when a unistall this the iPhone can pick up the “blocked call” , anybody have this problem? understand my english?
    If somebody report this to make better this program, thanks!

    • Not understand. Of course when you uninstall psyl, you will received all incoming call.

    • Baretta i say that when somebody call with a “blocked call” (when the person “hide his ID to call”) the iPhone is locked, understand now?

  6. WARNING! This app upgrade brickĀ“d my iPhone 16GB 1.1.4 after have used iLibarty+ for Mac. Had to use PwnageTool and reinstall All my old stuff again. Otherwise I love to have a working version plz!

  7. The sms hiding is working on my 1.1.4 phone after a full restore. Is any possibility to only hide the caller from call-history but let it ring.

  8. Try to uninstall Pysl 40b3; it just completely kills your Iphone (see also freeze on uninstall on project site). I’ve been there, experienced it..:((

    • I’m desperate! I’ve just uninstall Pysl and my iPhone is freezed! How can I restore it ???

    • uninstalling killed my iPhone as well, I had to restore…wasted time! the other bug was it muted all my SMS tones:(

      new update please….

    • mateitof says

      You must up the version 0.32 por ssh to restore the iPhone.

  9. mateitof says

    This version dont works good, if you unistall maybe you can broke your iPhone

  10. pysl is not a stable application. i would suggest everyone to use p-firewall, a chinese software to block calls. it will only allow one ring and after that ring busy tone. u also will have english patch for this.

    p-firewall find at, and
    english patch at