Pysl 0.41b1 – Do Not Install

Pysl I am having A TON of issues with version 0.41b1 of Pysl. I would highly recommend NOT installing it NOR upgrading to it!! After installing this version, I was not able to make or receive phone calls. I also was not able to send or receive Texts (it would respring my iPhone every time I tried). So, I uninstalled the app and I was still unable to make/receive phone calls. Though, I could send and receive texts. This was not an issue I could fix and ended up restoring my iPhone! :(

Pysl 0.41b1

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  1. Hi!, Pysl 0.41, make my iPhone unusable, so I will restore it tonight

    It doesn’t pass the start silver apple.


  2. Thx for the heads up! I was going to install it before I read ur post… :)

  3. I updated it before I read ur article, and yup my phone is screwed… I tried uninstalling it, and when went back to the home page I have a scrolling cog stuck and I cant do anything. I cant even turn it off! I hold the power button down forever, but nothing it budging the spinning cog of death :(

  4. Oh guys!! I wish I would have been near a computer when I noticed the issue (I was picking up things at the store) so I could have got a post out sooner!! I know how you feel….TOTALLY messed up my phone too.

  5. I’m on 1.1.3 and I’m not having any issues with sending/receiving SMS or Phone Calls.

  6. Did you all restart the iPhone after installation? I thought that’s what the program suggested after installing/upgrading.

  7. I’m not sure what could be so different between our device that would cause yours not to function and mine to work perfectly. Someone needs to create a tool that takes a snapshot of your current configuration and spits out an ipsw file so we wouldn’t have to go through restoring and installing all of these apps and tweaks.

  8. All I know is mine was stuck with a spinning cog on the home page after uninstalling it… It eventually restarted and was stuck with the silver apple logo on the black background. It would then quickly restart about every 1 min, which made restoring kinda hard as I had to shift restore and pick the .ipsw before the phone restarted again. Had to restore and back up and running now:(

  9. I m on 1.1.4 and updated it before this post everything is working fine text messages and receiving and outgoing calls. Though i didn’t tried to work with the usage of the application.

  10. Pierrick says

    I updated it before i read this article and i have no problems with outgoing, incoming calls or sms…
    I have an iPhone 1.1.4 Ziphoned !!! ;)

  11. This Crashed My Phone, Restore, try new jailbreak and unlock software

  12. Caterpillar????? Caterpillar & PYSL don’t works together!!!!!!

  13. mateitof says

    When you unistall PYSL the iPhone died. I could fix this.
    To fix this you must up PYSL 0.32 whit iBrick or SSH to the folder Applications, then the iPhone will star.

  14. atrophic says

    I’ve always been skeptical of this app. Any app that has an initial release without any functionality to speak of yet promises such low level functions as call blocking is questionable in my mind.

    The “b1” in the version name only make it more so.


    Just for the record, PYSL wasn’t enabled on my device when I tested it.


    Comment by alfredkcp, Today (19 hours ago)
    Finally I have (temporary) fixed the boot logo lockup problem!

    This is what I have done:

    -download and

    -extract to somewhere in your PC, we need the files later

    -extract the ibrickr and run ibrickr.exe

    -wait for a while then ibrickr will display a screen which you can choose to navigate the filesystem, go to “Files”

    -browse the directory /Applications

    -“Create folder” with name “” in /Applications

    -“Upload file(s)” and select all the contents from the extracted (apparently ibrickr permits files upload only, but not folder upload, but that’s ok)

    -once it finished copying the file, the springboard should pop up

    Lesson learned:

    -I think springboard(or something else during startup) is somehow waiting for a respond from pysl, but since it has already been uninstalled (but didn’t remove all the hooks), the springboard cannot proceed, therefore it locks in the apple logo screen forever. So when it finds and execute the /Applications/, the phone loads the springboard immediately

    -good to have the phone back without restoring, because I didn’t sync for a week already

    -pysl is buggy (I lost my SMS notification even I didn’t enable pysl)

    -I’ll try to remove pysl manually later, it is a big mess to fix this issue. I hope the author will provide some clues on how to do that correctly.

    Hope this will help everyone.


  17. Darn Psyl happend to me too.

  18. I had that problem too. I don’t know what I did to fix it but I tapped the option to turn pysl on and off and my phone started ringing again

  19. glad i didn’t update.. thats odd someone should write the coder and let him know how many phones its screwing up. because of the loop hole in thee coding thats causing the phone to crash or brick.

  20. This isnt the first time iclarified has had major issues and dangerous packages. This is one of the most dangerous repositories anyone can have and I storngly recommend *no one* has it installed, ever. When 1.1.3 first came out they had a bricking unlock in their repo that didnt set airplane mode. I told them about it but they ignred it. Now this. Everyone should delete this source. It doesn’t have anything you cant get elsewhere anyway.

  21. T Webb

    Thanks I was able to download version 32, and via winSCP, SSH in and override the app.
    I uninstalled via Installer and restarted a few times.
    I got my phone back to receive calls.
    I thought I was going crazy…

    My boss called a few times and I couldn’t answer the call, the phone would get all locked up on me.
    Not knowing was the problem, not being able to take his call wasn’t.
    I could make calls but not receive them.

    I must say that I have seen nothing related to this on Modmyifone.
    So Kudos to AppleiPhoneSchool.

    Thanks again

  22. it is becuase of sms.db and call_history.db are corrupted or become missing links. Just replace them by your friends’ iphone or by your backup.

  23. Wadibasher says

    Crashed on 1.1.3 too. Had to restore my phone!

  24. T Webb,

    Thanks so much.
    I didn’t have to restore my IPhone due to your post.

    Thumbs up for You. :)
    Thumbs down for Pysl.
    Let’s hope that they release a proper version soon.

  25. You can fix the iPhone without restore but you cant unistall the aplication because the iPhone die, you must live with it.

  26. I cannot read more then 25 messages, help!

  27. You can probably uninstall the program if the db files OpMan spoke of are replaced before uninstalling. I’m willing to post mine up if anyone’s willing to give it a shot.

  28. I’m very soory to read all problem about Pysl and I work hard to make Pysl more stable and safety.

    To unfreeze your iphone quickly:
    With SSH :
    -create a folder named under /applications/
    – copy in directory the file PyslSystemLib.dylib downloaded here:
    reboot your iphone by pressing “home” and “power” buttons (press to reboot, black screen)


  29. I have the same problem with pysl can’t recive call and error on sms notification but after I reboot my phone over and over finally I got my phone back normal and now Im not using this aplications but it still there, do I have to uninstal it or keep it on my phone? I want to uninatal but I’m afraid if something goes wrong again

  30. God looking out Rikk. Thanks for the support. Hopefully you’ll get all of the kinks worked out.

  31. Did anyone else experience this:
    Ever since installing the upgrade, un-installing, reinstalling v.32, I don’t seem to have a call log any longer?
    Usually when I miss a call the missed call is in red…
    No longer.
    Also my out going calls are not appearing in the recent calls list.

    • you may need these two files. sms.db and call_history.db . If anyone can tell me where they’re at I can upload them for the people having problems.

  32. Did any one already tried 0.41b2 version?

  33. I have and all seems to be ok.
    I have received a few calls as well as, text messages.
    Yes, Yes, I know not to bright, but hey: I figure he was a stand up guy to post here and apologized so he probably scoped this release out thoroughly..

    So far I think I was correct ALL works as stated

  34. Fix action from Hackint0sch. Once you create the folder and add the dylib file, open term vt-100 and type this in: /bin/plistedit /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ delete /Applications/

    That command removes the dependency of the Pysl dylib to allow the spring board to restart. Remove the folder and reboot. Pysl is no longer on my system.


    You’re removing “:/Applications/” from the SpringBoard.plist file.

    • Tried to excuse via the terminal within winSCP but it did not work for me.
      I got the spinning wheel for a while and then sshéd the Psyl folder back in.
      Only way for me to be able to get the phone to cycle back on.
      Can you only do this via vt-100?
      Any advise?

    • I did that and now the spring/summerboard keeps restarting. It shows the dialog box that tells you how to edit the home screen (fw 1.1.3) each time as well. I can ssh in with winscp, putty, etc.. but I can’t do anything with the phone itself as it resets every 5 secs. Any thoughts?

  35. STUPID question…
    What is the login password for vt-100?
    I tried what I use when login in via winSCP but that did not work.

  36. Used the 0.41b2 version here and all seems fine. Didn’t try the previous version thanks to being warned here.

  37. The problem will occur when you try to uninstall. To successfully uninstall, run /bin/plistedit /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ delete /Applications/
    then uninstall the application and reboot, that will remove the dependancy of the SpringBoard to need /PyslSystemLib.dylib in the Applications/ folder. The password to vt-100 is alpine or dottie if you’re running earlier versions of firmware.

    If you have Tapp you can input the command above in tapp to run it from that program. follow it up with the reboot command on another line to restart the phone. The method described above works flawlessly.

    • I did that and now the spring/summerboard (home screen) keeps restarting. It shows the dialog box that tells you how to edit the home screen (fw 1.1.3) each time as well. I can ssh in with winscp, putty, etc.. but I can’t do anything with the phone itself as it resets every 5 secs. Any thoughts?

  38. Yes, if you can place the folder and lib file on your iPhone in /Applications before it reboots it may work.

    • I already fixed the actual rebooting problem that everyone has been having here. What’s happening now is that the home screen keeps resetting itself. The phone is not rebooting, just the home screen resetting. Also, summerboard doesn’t seem to be in effect anymore. Everything looks the way it did before installing summerboard. I’m thinking that somehow when I copy and pasted the line above to delete the association, it screwed something up. Any ideas? I don’t want to have to restore the phone and lose all the sms conversations.

    • update:

      The looping home screen was actually a result of using passwd to change the default password through ssh. I do this out of habit for security reasons. The BSD subsystem has some bugs and passwd is one of them. Read more here…

  39. Home screen loop solved as well as the ‘can’t get the phone to get past the logo’ problem. Use the pwnage method of restoring/unlocking your iphone. Since it actually uses itunes to do the restore, you can do a restoration of all your data since last sync (so sync before you do this). This means that you will not only get your contacts back, but your sms conversations and call history as well!

  40. I have 1.1.2 and I would like to know if anyone tried the Version 0.42b1?

  41. Hi i had the same problem with this Pysl software.. althought when it was installed all seemed to work but nothing received in the history.. so it was useless… i went to uninstall it not aware of the problems with uninstalling.. Yes it killed my phone leavng the apple logo permanantly on ..inoperable! I have just followed the above post 28 by Rick and it has come back to life… phew!! I used the new iphone pc suite (great package) to uplaod the file… all seems to be back to normal without doing a restore..

    I use iblacklist wich seems to work ok tho’ not checked the call blocking, but messages seem to work well. The problem i have is you cannot seem to filter sms but not filter calls from the same contact?

  42. after i was stucked in reboot phase ….and had no backup in a while …. i found this solution to fix PYSL uninstall problem without restore (thx to zibri);

    -ziphone 3.0 (PLUGIN feature)
    -cygwin ( )
    -cygwin zip command ( )

    1) install cygwin with the default options
    2)unzip zip module and copy the executable in cygwin root, under bin
    3)create in cygwin root , under home/user_name the folders Applications/ and here copy inside PyslSystemLib.dylib
    4) run the command zip -9yr Applications/
    5) copy the archive to the root of ziphone 3.0 directory
    6)start ziphone 3.0
    7)click on do it all ->and follow onscreen

    thx again zibri for the GREAT plugin feature ;)

    • I need further help with what you just wrote. Please help me !!
      I tried downloading all 4 things you wrote, but some applications run under windows environment. If I do it on a windows PC how do I go to the root ? Is it by DOS ?
      I will be waiting for youre help, cause my iphone is “dead”
      Thank you

  43. Forgot to tell you my iphone vs is 1.1.3. and I just installed Pysl vs 0.41b
    Under which computer should I try to wake my iphone up: Mac or Windows? On which will it be easier. I don’t want to re install everything again….I’d appreciate youre help.


  44. paula add me in yahoo mess and i’ll try to help you (root was in fact /root directory); my id: mihai_amz

  45. i try the 0.42b1 on mine 1.1.4 so far no prob except the number of missed call on the phone icon, it shows the total missed calls or all calls not sure, like 52 missed call when yr black list no miss call.
    Just a silly question, what is the sms privacy function in the setting?

  46. Do not install 0.42b1…the probs are still not fixed. They just show all prob that hv mentioned above as 0.41 version.