Volume Boost (1.1.4)

You may have noticed Volume Boost in the Recent Packages list in Installer (from the iClarified source), it is a Background change that edits a file on your iPhone that un-restricts the volume limits placed on your iPhone speaker (ie. there is no application to see on your SpringBoard). I put off writing about it because I wanted to do a little testing to be sure of my findings. I did notice a little bit of a boost, but nothing huge. I didn’t notice the change as much in the ringers as I did notice a boost in the little sounds like receiving a SMS, and Key Clicks, and the Lock and Unlock noises. Have you tried this out? Did you notice a bigger difference than me? Tell us about it!

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  1. Is the app compatible with 1.1.3? There are a few times I wish the volume was better. But hopefully it’s not to much, because I feel when the volume is maxed out while listening to music it sounds distorted.

  2. its been said that this doesnt do anything. Erica sadun did an informal test with her db mic and she noted no differences

  3. Alan Moore says

    yeah i really never saw any differences at all….maybe so minor you cant even tell

  4. Installed and cannot hear any differance at all. Shame really

  5. Guys, your phones have 100 % already, this is for european phones which are restricted to 70 or 80 % volume because of some european laws to protect people..totally stupid.


  6. Installed the 1.1.3 version on my phone and noticed no differences at all.
    Uninstalled it and all my sounds vanished. Just ringotnes worked, but sms, clicks and vibration were gone :(
    Had to reinstall it to make it work as before.
    Anyone noticed this ?

  7. I noticed the same thing, After I installed this my phone crashed and no sounds came out of it. Not initially, but a few hrs later. I installed no other apps that day.
    The only thing I could communicate with was messenger. I had to restore to get it to work.

  8. This makes lock noise (top physical button) explode when I am using my headphones. hurt my ears something fierce.

  9. People could hardly hear me when talking on my iphone without handsfree. I installed this and now i dont have a problem with people not being able to hear me. Fixed my problem

  10. i installed the app on my phone, then after I rebooted it, all of the sound was gone cant even make a call, anyone know how to fix this without restoring?

  11. I had the same problem. I went ahead and did a restore, but I am wondering if it might have been simply stuck in headphone mode. Do you hear sound through the headphones? If you haven’t restored yours yet, try putting the headphones in and out 7-8 times and see if that resets it.

  12. i used a pin to poke holes through the speaker at the bottom, that worked. i’m on 1.1.3 and there was no version for it at the time. check iphoneincanada.com to see how to do it in case you’re afraid you’ll do it wrong. basically, just break through the material with the pin, no need to go far. i’d recommend looking it up on that site though if you’re serious about upping your volume. it works. as this app has been tested and it doesn’t work, i’m not gonna bother with the 1.1.3 version now that it’s available. keep in mind the world is subjective, if we expect to hear a change because the app said it’d work then we might think we hear one when there isn’t one. if it was tested electronically and there is no notable difference then it’s not worth getting it i don’t think. try the link to “pin point” your sound problem. ;o)

  13. under 1.1.3 are you sure that the patch must be located in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.apple.celestial.plist
    or in

  14. You’d be buying youself a new one if you do stab it with needles, if someone is smart enough to open the back case before the operation, the structure behind the holes are just the tunnel of the speaker and above it, is the phones’s IC board. Might be lucky though, eventually nothing will happen. the increase is just an imagination.

    • DistortedLoop says

      @Ramen – are you saying the volume boost with the iclarified patch is just an imagination? If so, then you obviously haven’t tried it yourself. Perhaps something like the speakerphone feature, but this set of adjustments definitely makes things like the ringers and keyboard clicks louder while wearing headphones. So loud I had to turn my volume almost off, and eventually uninstalled the patches.

      Currently considering just editing the files myself manually and tweaking to my personal tastes.

  15. Hey the pin point thingy actually works…worked for me and a frnd of mine as well

  16. Ravikiran says

    Just clean the holes with a pin. If dust has indeed acculumated it will definetly boost the volume :)

    • Not really. I had to jam it a little further. Cleaning did nothing… But once I felt a little resistance, I stopped and went to the next.

      if you’re playing a ring tone or something to use the speaker, you can clearly hear the difference when completed. Would I dare say, “doubled volume”?

      The volume is still crap, but at least I don’t miss many calls anymore.

  17. Great article!Thank you!

  18. ertertertete

  19. TheOneAndOnlyJESUS says

    i have it, but my installer broke too many sources? ha dont get “all the sources” cuz mine wont even open, and i cant update so like its stuck lol but the volume changed a little? but its still quiet, i miss loads of calls and earlier i missed a text when i was right bside it lol… but, i did install a program called “VideoRecorder” and idk how/why but when i recorded a video, it was encoding the video, and it was amazingly louder, and either i got used to it, or it was temp but it was alot louder for like a day :)

    ps know how to unlock the iphone before the 3g? i have 1.1.4 and i want the 2.0.1 but i cant find nething to unlock it. tell me what yuh think i should do email me at threehundredthousand@hotmail.com if yuh have any ideas :]

  20. Thanks folks….hated the volume..problem solved with pins…………….

  21. Hi,

    I have an iphone 2G (jail broken) and recently upgraded my firmware to 2.1.

    Well after the upgrade I had a problem with the volume and could barely hear people when talking to them on the phone. When plugged into my headset it was not usable at all.

    After I installed the iClarified Volume Boot it worked! To help others here is what I did.

    1. Use cydia to install iClarified’s Source
    2. Install Volume Boost 2.1.0
    3. Reboot your iphone

    There’s no icon or anything. It just modifies you key files and sets the volume higher.

    My brother explained that it’s most likely because the new firmware is aimed at the 3G. He has no problems with his 3G phone.

  22. this made my springboard crash how can i fux this