Taskbar Notifier (1.1.3) 0.9

One of my favorite little applications has released an update on installer for iPhone v1.1.3! In case you haven’t seen this app before, there is no icon added to your Springboard, it instead adds a little graphic to the status bar at the top on the screen when you have new mail, or text messages, and now will even show when you have a missed phone call! See THIS post for more info about the app. It can be found in Installer.app from the iClarified source, under the iClarified category. Check out the screenshots after the break!
This can now be found from this repo: source: http://dajavax.googlepages.com/repo.xml
Thanks to reader Jess, for this information!

Taskbar Notifier - in installer Taskbar Notifier - Notification Taskbar Notifier - Missed call icon

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  1. ? the only version i see is .08. I have correctly installed the right source but nothing?

    Is there a manual install with .09?



    • Version .8 was available through Ste Packaging…. .9 is only available through the iClarified source…and it showed up in the Recent Packages section in my Installer….you should be able to go to the iClarified category too, like Jacob said.

  2. I installed it a couple of times, restarted the iphone and I checked the folders with SSH but it does’t work. Nothing happents if I have a new mail or a missed call.

  3. I can not find it on the iCarified Source ……

    • You are not the only one I’ve added the iClarified source and removed it various times and nothing.

  4. jep. its 1.1.3 jailbroken with ziphone v1.0. everything else works just fine. I have no clue. I hade the same problem with the manual install, but I thought that this was my fault. So I waited for the Installer version. it is not installed but right now, it isn’t in the iClarified source anymore. at least on my iphone.

  5. On the iClarified Source have an update for 1.1.1 & 1.1.2 too!!!

  6. according to iclarified’s website he had to pull the app at the developers’ request. It was only in installer for a few hours

  7. ok so i did my research and found the app….

    theres 2 way u can still recieve this file… manual instal with SSH or use this source..

    source: http://dajavax.googlepages.com/repo.xml

    I installed this source and installed. reboot my iphone and worked GREAT!

    Thank for posting this cool app.

  8. im using FW1.1.2

    i can find only the 0.8 version

    nothing in iClarified source

  9. I can not get this to work. I’ve tried manual install and through the above source :(

  10. thanks for the info on how to get the app again….i had it installed originally from iclarified…but uninstalled it to compare whether or not the app is killing my battery quicker….so after i uninstalled it….i went back to installer and did not find it on iclarified….but now i got it again! woo hoo works like a charm =]
    does anyone have any concrete info as to whether or not this app drains the battery while installed….if it runs in the background or something….i reply would be appreciated..thanks in advance

  11. according to the developers site

    there will be an update soon, 0.9.5 – that works on all systems regardless of FW version, and hopefully will work on ziphoned 1.1.3s. and, it will be officially posted on the STE packaging source.


  12. I can’t get this app to work for me. I have done both through the dajavax source and manually and it does nothing? Any ideas?

    before you lose hope on installing this app, try turning off your iPhone and turning it back on after installing .9 of this app. IT WORKED FOR ME!!! YAY!

    i got the .9 version working on my jailbroken iphone which i jailbroke through Ziphone 2.4b. i don’t see why apple didn’t include a small feature like this already in the phone (it was on an old nokia i had long long time ago, but not on a brand new iphone?

    i first installed the app after adding the http://dajavax.googlepages.com/repo.xml source in my installer app. after the phone did it’s usual summerboard restart after you install the app, i didn’t think it was working. i saw no changes in the taskbar area. then i decided to restart my phone by turning it off, leaving it at rest for 5 seconds, then turn it back on and VOILA! i had a mail notifying icon on the top RIGHT!