Genesis4iphoneAmazing! Another gaming console brought to the iPhone, and from the bit I’ve played so far, it runs very smooth! You will not notice much diffrence from in the game select screen, or the settings, its all the same basically. The landscape made does show the original Sega controller. Some ROMs require a bios to be installed, some don’t. Remember legally, you need to own the game to have the rights to use it on your iPhone, /endfairwarning. :) So far I’m hooked on NBA Jam, Mortal Combat, and Sonic and Knuckles. I hope to find Starfox and Blitz, and see how well they play on the iPhone! As always screenshots below.

Genesis4iphone genesis4iphone genesis4iphone genesis4iphone genesis4iphone genesis4iphone

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  1. Justin Dorn says

    where do i get the roms???

  2. Is it really that stable?

  3. Actually, version 1.0.1 is available on zodttd’s source.

    • That’s correct. I have 1.0.1 installed. I’m not sure what version Jacob used. I’ll take off the version number off the title until I know for sure… Thanks.

  4. This application is great. (sound sounds pretty bad)
    The following games work which i tested
    -Dynamite Headdy
    -Gunstar Heroes
    -Kid Chameleon
    -Sonic 2

    here is a list of top games, i found it helpful :-)

  5. hey guys, you have a screenshot showing the Millionaire app lol

  6. Hey guys!

    If you want to play SegaCD games, you’ll need a Bios.
    If you want to play Sega Genesis games, you won’t.

    Would you please email me, where to get NBAJam?

    I told you about the app and rom (emails were from me) so would you please tell me where to get NBAJam and a bios (if needed) ?

  7. Sorry, Starfox is for the SuperNES.

  8. no problem doug! ;) i could be like your ‘editor’ haha, im on this site everyday

  9. This genesis emulator is amazing. I have tries a few games that work great. Sonic 3, Super Monaco Grand Prix, Earthworm Jim, PGA Tour Gold III Vertorman and Gunstar Hereos. Any other suggestions. Tried NBA Jam but it wasn’t working properly.

  10. Sorry, i should know this, where do I ssh into to put the roms? I’ve done it with NES and GPS, I just don’t know what the folder name would be for this.

  11. What are the extentions for GENESIS ROMs files? Is it *.7z?

    • Jimmy Teo says

      Cool.. I’m now enjoying my games however there’s something wrong with the sounds/audio so I set the games to mute..

  12. finalkazuya says

    This app is excellent…the games i’ve got anyway are playing crystal clear quality…except the sound cus lets admit… isn’t good at all..

    Now im not sure if anyone has this problem…but when i try to save a game…it never saves for me…anyone have any ideas about this…

  13. I haven’t figured out how to save eithe, quite frustrating when you have passed a few levels in Sonic and then have to start all over. As for the files I have been using zip files available at

    As for the file extensions, I am using .zip files. If you use .7z files you have to expand them first. To much work. easier to go to the above mentioned site for ROMs, they are all .zip files.

  14. what should i do for make the x, y, z buttons work?, its really frustrating play Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 without the hard punch and kick…

    … help!!!

  15. ujimaflip says

    works great bar the sound – is this likely to be fixed?

  16. marcoclive says

    how may i play games?i have downloaded genesis….but where can i find games for sega?on installer??

  17. i was wondering how do u add the rom games in the iphone to play them

  18. ninjapanda says

    can you get ROMS or emulators for the ipod touch or is it only for the iphone. if so then can i do it in a 1.1.4. version

  19. the games r not working on my iphone does any1 hav any suggestion wat might i do ..?
    cuz they look nice and interesting….

  20. i hav istalled the game …(genesis4iphone) but i cant find it on the desktop how can i play it????

    plzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!

  21. what folder do i have to put the emulator in using ssh to make it intall on the iphone?

  22. it’s the best and you’ll want to get the (U) which stands for united states. You have to legally own the game before downloading.

  23. nice, but i hate how to contol games in i-phone.