genesis4iphone 2.0.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

genesis4iphone It seems that genesis4iphone has made it’s way to firmware 2.x. So far, I cannot seem to get the sound to work, at least not with the games I have tried.The loading time is a little long but, other than that, not too bad. I did have a few issues with glitching but not as bad as some of the other emulators. There is also no landscape mode at this time. Let me know in the comments what you think. Below is instruction on how to get the ROM’s onto your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note: Supposedly there is sound when you use the slide bar on the controller while in a game but, I cannot seem to get it to work for me. [Read more…]


Genesis4iphoneAmazing! Another gaming console brought to the iPhone, and from the bit I’ve played so far, it runs very smooth! You will not notice much diffrence from in the game select screen, or the settings, its all the same basically. The landscape made does show the original Sega controller. Some ROMs require a bios to be installed, some don’t. Remember legally, you need to own the game to have the rights to use it on your iPhone, /endfairwarning. :) [Read more…]