genesis4iphone 2.0.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

genesis4iphone It seems that genesis4iphone has made it’s way to firmware 2.x. So far, I cannot seem to get the sound to work, at least not with the games I have tried.The loading time is a little long but, other than that, not too bad. I did have a few issues with glitching but not as bad as some of the other emulators. There is also no landscape mode at this time. Let me know in the comments what you think. Below is instruction on how to get the ROM’s onto your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note: Supposedly there is sound when you use the slide bar on the controller while in a game but, I cannot seem to get it to work for me.

1. First install genesis4iphone from Cydia.
2. Next you will need some ROMs.
3. Now you need to use SSH to upload the ROMs to the var/mobile/Media/ROMs/GENESIS folder. If you do not already have a GENESIS folder. You can just create one but make it is spelled correctly and all capital letters.

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  1. I cant seem 2 get this to download from Cydia. This is the only app that will not download. Anyone know why? This is frustrating.

  2. When I download this, it doesnt do anything. The blue download status indicator doesnt show and just shows me the return to cydia button. Like I said all other apps work. Kinda messed up! I tried to refresh, that doesnt work.

  3. Cool, just got it! The only thing I dont like is the controller skin and lack of music. The sound effects still sound a bit Chipmunkish. I miss the old Genesis controller. Kind of a bummer but still pretty cool. Perhaps the next update will have it. Cmon where is the great sound update weve all been anticipating!!!??

  4. The slider in the middle is the volume control, as for you not having sound brooke, reinstall it to see if that works, and make sure your volume is turned up ;-p

    And yeah having a psx controller to play sega games on is so lame, what are you suposed to do with the 5 spare buttons.

  5. Why couldnt they put music on this update! One more reason this update is a bit of a let down is the fact that the direction pad is too close to the action buttons so it is a lil hard to do certain moves and the hand feels cramped. I hope the developers read this and fix these issues in the next update. I miss the old version.

  6. To get the volume to work you have to select “playing” 1st, turn it up using the slider then start a game. To get a game to load instantly zip it!! for example if you are trying to play sonic and it takes forever to load…right click on you game on your computer and select add to archive. When winzip opens selcet archive folder as zip not rar. so when you save it it should sat or Now instead of taking 15 seconds to load, it takes 1 second!!!!!

  7. where can i download the ROMs?

  8. can anyone help me find Roms fir the game? Link would be usfull

  9. Bellissimo! molto veloce ma manca una pagina dove configurare il programma ma per il resto gia va bene!

  10. Why is there playstation controls instead of the regular ABC buttons which all the games are configured for? Makes no sense really!