BossPrefs v1.62

BossPrefsBossPrefs brings like all the iPhone 3rd party preference apps bundled into 1. It allows you to start/stop running processes (like SSH and EDGE, and even allows you to add running processes not included already!). You can edit dock icons, fix directory permissions, disable the Screenshot ability, change the double tap option of the home button, and view disk space. You can show/hide icons like edge, bluetooth, wifi, SSH, mail and even the Dock. It pretty much does it all! Authors notes and screenshots after the break! BossPrefs is available through the BigBoss source.

Authors Notes:

This native iPhone app is an offshoot of “Services” by Chris Hoffman. The app expands on services by adding some more options and focusing on being a complete preferences replacement. After installing BossPrefs? you should be able to remove Customize, SMBPrefs, and Settings icons from your desktop. With the new dock, you can add any icon you want to the dock. Also, bossprefs has a plugable interface so you can create a plugin for any app you want to toggle yourself.

Changes 1.62

  • Fixed issue with cooperability with Categories. On 1.61 if you ran “fix permissions on userdir” your categories apps no longer could hide icons. The problem is solved on 1.62 but the damage is not undone. You will need to empty and recreate your categories to fix (sorry).
  • Upped limit of dock icons from 20 to 80 (you guys know the dock scrolls, right?).

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  1. have you added any custom services yet? I can’t seem to add waves

  2. alex_dlc says

    the dock scrolls? id love to see a video of this app.

  3. Jollyblue says

    i looove this app. it just gets better. :D

  4. …since I am on 1.1.4 either boss or services does work… still my edge is enabled…also if it tells otherwise. on 1.1.3 the edge service url ( acces) was “hidden” …on 1.1.4 nothing happen… result…spent 30 eur on nothing… the phone just checked the “status” all the time (and I donĀ“t mean mails) the provider billed me for that.

    so for everyone elese it just works???

  5. since i’ve installed this, yahoo push mail stop working.

    Any help?

  6. This app works pretty accurately for me. I’ve never had a problem with it. Thanks to the devloper.

  7. does this work with 1.1.4??


    • I have it on 1.1.4 and it’s working for me. I just use it to enable and dissable SSH, since Services wasn’t doing it well anymore on my 1.1.4 phone.

  8. Does anybody know how to contact the author? I would love it if this app would turn lighttpd on and off. Does anybody know of an app on 1.1.4 that will do this?

    • I’m dumb. There is a nice plugin for BossPref that does this. Ta da … that will teach me to not ask questions before doing my homework.

  9. markoulis69 says

    today i download the v1.64

  10. Hi Folks,

    Just after installing BossPrefs v1.64 and nearly panicked as my iphone locked up and after a while went to black screen with apple logo…

    Had to press Standby + Home button to shut it down and on restart took a good 2 minutes til i got prompt for unlock code…

    Iphone 16Gb / 1.1.3.


  11. it would be great if they add an auto-lock on and off switch

  12. how can u add new services on this thing? do you need like codes or something like that? please help

  13. my friend hid all my apps except music player and videos….how do i get to show them again ?

  14. Charlandon says

    i have the same problem as shannan…all my apps are hidden and i want to know to to show them again, pleeeease help

  15. I want to know how to download bosspref to my iPod and I really need help can you please help me please please !


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