TimeCapsuleThis is another application that has been a long time coming, and I am so glad it is finally here. It is still in beta, so it is not fully functional. But this application allows you to backup data and restore it at a later time. Hopefully this will eventually allow you to restore data after a restore, but only time will tell. You can find this app in Installer from the databinge source under the Utilities category. Once installed, you can find the app on your springboard. Open it and a popup will give you the option to donate, select cancel or you can move right on to the app (Do not forget to go back and donate though if you love the app!). Now you will find a limited list of applications with data that can be backed up. The first one I noticed, and the one I will use, is data backup for Installer sources. To back it up, tap Installer from the list, you will then be at a blank screen, tap backup to save the data…then you will see an entry and timestamp for this date and time. At a later time you can go back and restore this data to how it was at the time it was backed up. This will be awesome once I can restore data after a restore. I hate typing in all my sources after a restore. This app is very worthwhile especially if you do a lot of tinkering and mess something up, like wipe your SMS history (as I have done in the past). Like always, screenshots below, please comment with your personal experiences!

TimeCapsule TimeCapsule TimeCapsule

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  1. by the way,
    restoring Installers sources may not work on some iPhone/iPod, coz of permission problem. Solved if you chmod ~/Library/Installer to 777

  2. Thanks Jacob!!!

    I just love this app. Its the best app I have coz once you have loads of data on the phone, backup becomes a primary concern. I just backed up my Installer sources, SMS and Address Book. Just took a second! By the way, have to tested erasing data and restoring it! Bec Restore should work properly only then the app is useful. Anyways, thanks again Jacob. This was a really great share!

  3. great utilities.

    this is handy. =)

  4. checking out the revamp interface and loads of new functions at my site… releasing soon.. just last few bugs

  5. smartRSS feed list back Coming soon?

  6. Where is the backed up data being saved?
    So I can copy the installer backup to my computer and copy it back to the iPhone after restoring…

  7. Yea, where is the storage backup location so we can SSH a PC copy for later iPhone upload?

  8. UPDATE: Just got a mail for the developer. New version coming soon with smartRSS feed list backup.

  9. Da187suspect says

    Once I back up my data, what’s the next step?

    Do I have to save it on my Mac?

  10. Da187suspect says

    Anyone??? Once I back up my data, what’s the next step?

    Do I have to save it on my Mac? Sorry, I’m still a rookie