iChabber 0.9

iChabberVersion 0.9 of iChabber is an update from 0.2, and I found one change. The login screen gives you alot more options for entering in your user name and password. Check out the screen shot below to see the additions. I did however have a problem with this app, when I try to start typing a new message I cannot see anything that I type appear on the screen. I can even send it, and i see my name in the chat list, but nothing besides my name. Is this just a bug for me, or have you had the same problems? Comment below! [Read more…]

iChabber 0.2

iChabber This app allows you to chat using your gmail account or other jabber account. I’ve tested it and it works. Very fast over WiFi. Simple setup, just type in your username and password. You can use a proxy if you’d like but it’s not necessary. I think it would be nicer if it looked more like the stock SMS. I don’t like going to a separate screen to type than the history page. It would also be kewl if a badge appeared when on the springboard when you have new messages. There is also a User button in the buddy list menu that doesn’t do anything for me. Available through the iSpazio Source.

iChabber Icon iChabber Splash Screen iChabber Login [Read more…]