iChabber 0.2

iChabber This app allows you to chat using your gmail account or other jabber account. I’ve tested it and it works. Very fast over WiFi. Simple setup, just type in your username and password. You can use a proxy if you’d like but it’s not necessary. I think it would be nicer if it looked more like the stock SMS. I don’t like going to a separate screen to type than the history page. It would also be kewl if a badge appeared when on the springboard when you have new messages. There is also a User button in the buddy list menu that doesn’t do anything for me. Available through the iSpazio Source.

iChabber Icon iChabber Splash Screen iChabber Login iChabber Loggin In iChabber Buddy List iChabber New Message iChabber Chat iChabber About

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  1. Awesome!

  2. axelhofmann says

    Does it work with hotmail?

  3. axelhofmann says

    or is there any way to use “MSN” except for jivetalk? (something like this)

  4. Hi, I downloaded this application but when I save my info I get this message: “Unable to connect to remote server. Check your settings and try again” … Any advices?


  5. hey there,

    does someone know who the developer is? how can i contact him?

    i really want to know how he did implement this voiceOverChabber protocol …

    thanks bruce

  6. bruce, iChabber is on its early stages of development. But it has been updated to included Jabber. and some fix have been fix.

  7. does it work in yahoo messenger?

  8. pfunkipod says

    I have had a 1.1.2 ipod touch. jailbreak it to 1.1.3 (even jailbreak to 1.1.4, but went back down). Does any one else have an issue with the , mail, stock, notes, maps not showing up on the springboard? I logged into the ipod touch and do see all the applications in the Applications folder. I installed catorgorize app, and was able to choose the icons and put them in a folder, but when I click on them it brings me back to the springboard? Do I have to do anything special to get these apps working?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. sameer12331 says

    I have update my ichabber to 0.9, the login works fine for me but it shows all my buddies as offline and it hangs in few secs as soon as it logs in.. please can any one help ???

  10. seanjames100 says

    i cant get the menu button to work

  11. Josradiguet says

    I’m there