iChabber 0.9

iChabberVersion 0.9 of iChabber is an update from 0.2, and I found one change. The login screen gives you alot more options for entering in your user name and password. Check out the screen shot below to see the additions. I did however have a problem with this app, when I try to start typing a new message I cannot see anything that I type appear on the screen. I can even send it, and i see my name in the chat list, but nothing besides my name. Is this just a bug for me, or have you had the same problems? Comment below! iChabber is available through the iSpazio source.


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  1. Hi Jacob,

    Same problem with me, although I haven’t upgraded to this version.

    I can see all contacts (online and offline) but can’t send any messages. Nothing gets typed on screen when I use the on-screen keyboard. Messages can get sent to me but I can’t initialise any chats or reply to messages sent to me.



  2. Hi..

    Works fine… Just click on Google Talk and logon.. click on the online Buddi list .. then click on the empty space above keypad.. then type.. it worked on my iphone..



  3. Yup. everythings fine for me, just log on then click on the buddy THEN click on the empty space before typing (kinda annoying).

    love this app since it saves your previous messages so it replaces my use for text messages! saves me money!!

  4. i tried using this app with my googletalk account but it never logs on (i am using edge and have not tried this with WiFi). Is there something I am missing? I use talk.google.com as the server, turned SSL on (tried with off as well) and used my full gmail address as the username. HELP!

  5. Ahmed

    for me i just installed the app then logged on without filling anything in besides my user name and password and turn on google talk (for i think the lil beeps).

    mine works better on wifi but does work most of the time on edge.

    i guess just try it with your username and password and nothing else! gluck

    • Hey Francis, thanks for the reply! Tried your advice but still cant connect (neither on WiFi nor Edge). Oh well, I guess it’s like SwirlyMMS used to be (working for some people and not for others for some random reason) :-S I will wait for the next update…

      Thanks again!

  6. Hi Jacob, have same problem here :(

  7. must put @gmail.com after username…. Didn’t work first for me… Now I can login…:)

  8. question for everyone.

    I’m on 1.1.4 8gb ziphone, and i love ichabber when it works and it usually works but on my sisters phone (same exact thing) she can sign on right away everytime, whereas i have to login in four or five times before logging in.

    (im questioning my iPhone since i had many problems when i had “ants” installed. since i uninstalled Ants my iPhone has been okay but sometimes still laggs and freezes. anyone else?

  9. I updated program and still – same problem here.. :(

    Is there any other Gtalk messenger app?


    • just tried out Fring!

      i love ichabber but fring you can use all your messaging apps. including aim and gtalk plus many more.