spoofappSpoofApp is the iPhone app for all you pranksters out there. I got my iPhone out at a recent family gathering and even my grandparents had a good laugh with this. SpoofApp allows you to call someone, and disguise your number with some one else’s, and even allows you to change your voice!

You can find the app in Installer under toys and is availible from BigBoss’ source. To actually use this you are required to purchase a phone card from one of the providers, SpoofCard or Phone Gangster, but there is a Free Sample Call, for the first time. Open the app up and tap settings on the top right, then select Free Sample from the provider list. Enter your phone number and area code, select the voice changer option you want, then tap Back. Tap the top number area and enter in the number you want to call, to select a contact, tap the contacts area (this option is very well implemented!) and select the contact’s number you want.

The second number entry area is for the number you want to apear on the persons phone you are calling, works best if you are calling a number that they would have saved on their phone, so when they receive the call they see that persons name show up and not just a number. Once both numbers are in place, tap call, if you get a popup about recording you can tap no, or go setup an account. Then the app will contact the provider with the info you entered, and the screen will tell you to answer the phone when they call you, tap answer when you receive the call and start listening. Once you answer it will start ringing the number you dialed. Once the person answers your call, you wont be able to tell that your voice is being masked, but it is! there is about a 3 second delay between the time you say something and the time they hear it.

SpoofCard is the only provider that offers recording and voice changing, they were also gracious enough to give us a few free cards to do this review! Thanks Spoofcard!

All in all a very fun app and very well designed. Kudos to the programmer! Screenshots below, and comment with how your prank calls went!

SpoofApp SpoofApp SpoofApp SpoofApp SpoofApp

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  1. Works only in the USA :(

  2. I concur, nice application…just hate the fact that they want me to buy a card. Why not just charge me a one-time fee?

  3. it’s only in US :((

  4. This could have been a great app. but it only works in US and you have to pay. To bad

  5. Perfect timing with April fools day today! Worked as advertised. Had a good laugh calling my girlfriend at 6am from her work phone number pretending to “call her in” for the early shift. Good stuff!

  6. This is fun. It’s gets even better… At the point where you enter your phone number (for the initial phone call), if you enter someone else’s number, let’s say Jed… The phone will ring to Jed, he picks up and hears the phone ringing (The next number you type in to call) which is Sally. Sally see’s on her caller ID that it’s Mary. (The number you type to fake your ID.) So, Sally picks up the phone expecting to talk to Mary and gets Jed. Jed is then connected with Sally. So now, he’s trying to figure out how he got connected to Sally.

    Who called who? IMO, it’s a great matchmaker program. You have two friends that you want to talk to each other. Well, have them call each other, with your number.

    Get it? Try it. It’s funny.

  7. sebastian says

    why why why why only in us ……….. :( :(

  8. Didn’t work for me… I would hear a jingle, then you press one. A couple seconds later you hear another stupid jingle and it hangs up on you. Not very motivated to purchase time for this service anytime soon!

  9. I would like to see it working in Brazil…

  10. i also would like to see this app free, its nice to have but not worth to have to pay $20 bucks for 120 mins

  11. andrej770 says

    This is a great app. I don’t think it should be free. If you are prank calling all day then you should have to pay to do it. If you get the 120 min card, you should not use up that 120 min for a long time, unless you are up to something. The $20 is well spent. Stop looking for everything to be free. Its kinda funny really, you were willing to fork out an arm and a leg to get the iphone, then want to go cheap. I don’t get it. Be consistent for cryin out loud! Just my opinion. No offense intended. :-)

  12. i think it would be very fun….if it worked atleast for europe……

  13. ipodtouchmasterremix says

    I think what andrej770 is saying is somewhat true…maybe they spent too much on the phone and dont have anymore money left..=)

  14. i want a aspoof app for europe!!!

  15. Works in Canada. Too bad u get charged wether or not the call gets connected, also its not by-the-second billing, I mean c’mon, man, lame!

  16. Funny Call Deluxe app for the iPhone has similar features and can be used internationally. It’s also available on the iTunes store. I believe SpoofApp is no longer…