Kate 1.3.1

Caterpillar Kate (also known as Caterpillar) has been update to version 1.3.1. The update only adds one new feature to the application however, it does fix a few bugs and compatibility issue. The new feature is the ability to do a fast respring which means you are able to respring your SpringBoard without going to the lock screen (this will only work with firmware 1.1.3 and up). There is one bug fix that is really nice, Kate is now compatible with Dock, Screenshot and other similar applications. So, those of you who didn’t want to use Kate in the past because it was not compatible with Dock…you are good to go! Also, according to the developers of Kate, this will be the last update for 1.1.x firmware. Any future releases will only be compatible with firmware 2.0 (which only means we are getting closer! YAY!). Below is the complete change log via the developer. Kate is available through the Rip Dev source.

Mobile Enhancer:
    • New version works around the incompatibility issues with numerous products that have daemon applications that use UIKit, such as Dock, Screenshot, and others.
Smart Dialer:
    • Better detection of numbers prefixed with GSM codes.
    • Several fixes for better detection of numbers.
    • Fixed a potential crash when making a call while engaged in another phone call.
    • Fast respring for 1.1.3+
    • Fixed some potential problems while using themes.
    • Fixed a potential crash when all notifications are turned off.
    • To conform to the rules, EQ module only works when the iPod EQ is turned on in the Settings.
    • No longer affects the ringtones because some of them were awfully distorted.

Kate 1.3.1

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  1. Noel Leon says

    After installing version 1.3.1v2 I am having a problem saving settings in Kate, booting the phone takes about 5-10 minutes depending on if it even starts. Restarting the springboard is suddenly very slow too.

    • Noel Leon says

      Fixed the reboot and respring problem by uninstalling PocketTouch. Settings are still not being saved though.

    • Noel Leon says

      Actually, I still have a problem with rebooting. If I remove Kate the reboot problem goes away.

  2. I dont see the rip dec settings in the settings screen

    • rip dev settings…iPhone spell check strikes again

    • Steve Gates says

      seem here, no RiP Dev option under Settings/General. This is the third time install on my newly Restored/Refreshed phone. I unistalled the app again after unselecting Kate’s
      tweaks etc. I’m now in caution mode foe this app. Worked excellent with the two other installs. Maybe a conflict with something I have installed e.g. BigBoss tweaks or the like?

    • Oh good.. wasn’t only me either. I’ve reinstalled new system like 3 times and Kate will show up when it is the first app, but once I install ANYTHING else, Kate will disappear from settings and stop working. Bring back the old version — it worked!

    • I sent an email to their tech support. The requested them to send me a link for the previous versioin (which worked), and this is their response:

      The previous version does not exist.
      We cannot support compatibility with all programs from the Installer.app. You can install other programs, but it can affect Kate’s work.

      But we shall study a problem of compatibility.

  3. I am personally having the same issues and have been corresponding with their support (if you want to call it that).
    The emails that I have received form them are well…. Arrogant in nature as far as I am concerned.

    It is their position that their product works and if you install anything else and it effects their product well then its on you!

    I have explained that whenever I install iLog, MCleaner, Intelliscrean anything as a bundle or individually once I restart my phone the preference in settings vanish.
    This is there reply:

    Any program can affect work iPhone, we speak about it constantly. There was reason Intelliscreen.
    We speak about it in support, and probably you about it know.

    Sorry, your problem is solved?

    Kate now works?

    Real support if you ask me!!! NOT

    They have not replied to my response and personally I dont think they will.
    Oh I am a unlimited customer, so its not like I didn’t pay.


    • Steve Gates says

      I hear ya! Glad I only paid for 6 months. I would pissed like you because of the unlimited license. The only other app I have installed is iLog. This app in my opinion is more valuable than Kate. I’m switching to Customize. 5 icon dock, themes, lock screen and Springboard seoerate wallpaper, dock reflection coming etc. Above all, community support and contributions. It was nice to have known ya Kate.


    • Customizes 5 icon dock I could not get to work.
      I left a post int he forum but no one has responded.

      You got it to work?

  4. Hi Guys,

    Major disappointment over this side of the big pond.
    Heres a quick sum up.

    Original Issue:
    – iPhone upgraded to 1.1.4, unlock/jailbroken with Ziphone 3.0
    – After Updating Kate 1.3 to 1.3.1v2 iPhone did not reboot
    – “Corrective Action” Restored fwr 1.1.3 used iBrick 0.91 + again Ziphone 3.0

    Current Issue:
    – iPhone restored to 1.1.3, used iBrick 0.91 + unlock/jailbroken with Ziphone 3.0
    – Installed TimeCapsule 0.41b1 (restored- addressbook, stocks, notes, weather, bookmarks)
    – Installed BossTool and moved Fonts,Ringtones and Apps
    – Installed Kate 1.3.1v2, rebooted iPhone and only after* I changed Facelift in settings on re-spring EARPHONE CONTROL DOES NOT WORK

    * I know issue only happened after Kate setting change as previouslly I was Testing Earphone Control before\after any change.

    – Since then, tried many fwr restores between 1.1.3 and 1.1.4, I believe at least one of the attempts I DFU’d (still not a master of buttons release) to no avail…. :/

    I am lost for options, If any of you would have any hints on what i could try that would be great… Many thanks in advance for help.

    PS- last night did also try to clean the earphone jack, but still no joy.


    • Steve Gates says

      Don’t know what to tell ya about the headphone jack issue. However be carefull with Kate’s Font option. Unless it was corrected with the latest release, installing the Font option creates a symbolic link where the fonts are factory stored and moves them to the larger space. Moving said fonts folder with BossTool will cause your phone not to boot and be stuck at the Spinning Wheel of Death! (SWOD is my coinage for it). It appears that neither app (Kate and BossTool) checks to see if the fonts have already been moved to the larger space. This happened to me after Kate’s Font option had been applied and I discovered BossTool and it’s Free Space utility and moved the fonts. BossTool creates what it thinks is only one font folder when in fact there are two after doing so, e.g. Fonts/Fonts folder structure. The symbolic link is only look at the first font folder. Because of this no boot because no fonts can be loaded. Good luck with the headset port.


    • Cheers SG for the heads up…

      Personally I never had any issues with BossTools and any of the previous versions of Caterpillar\Kate while using Fonts (except where some of them just did not format correctly on the icon labels).

      Just to add another lil bit of info on my earphone dilemma… All the restores were done using iTunes 7.6.

      Once again, many thanks in advance for any hints.. tips, etc… you guys can give.


    • After i installed Kate 1.3.1v2 i have also the problem that my iPhone make no Sounds anymore, ear and speaker too.

      i found a solution for this,
      Settings > General > Reset
      There you select “ALL Settings” then it will be reseted to the defaults.

      After this my sound is working again.

      I think Kate or Kate (with another installed app) create a conflict inside the settings.

      I will never use such programms like IntelliScreen or Kate, i try it 5 times, sometimes it works some days. but then hanging on bootscreen.

      there are always problems with the launchdaemons, the startup apps conflict themeselves

  5. Can anyone help me please… I bought a 6 month subscription and I don’t know how to get the authorization code. Can anyone tell me where I can get it from? Thanks

    • It sends the authorization code to the email you entered when you bought your subscription. If you can’t find it, e-mail their support.