Caterpillar 1.0

Watch “Caterpillar 1.0” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. where can i get that pink bar and menu? i have an ipod touch, can i make something at the top of the ipod “pink” or does it only work with phone signal strenght? and wherer to get the pink lockscreen ?

  2. hi, i tried to install this app, but when i open it i got:
    “The installer cannot extract required files ( with error #50”

    im using 1.1.2, its jailbroken

    • to gfash:
      I Have The Same Problem,
      And I did free up a lot of space After reading your comment.
      Then i, uninstall / reinstall it, bat got the same Problem..

      Maybe Using Other Language then English Could be The Real Problem?..
      (my iPhone’s in Hebrew)

      Do You Use Other Language on Yours?

    • just install BossTool, it should fix the free space issue

  3. and i tried talking to rip dev support line, they said that its becouse i have low on space and i should delete some of the 3th party prog, but i have iver 6 gb left and i havent got mane 3th party apps installed. so did you or anybody else get the same prob?

  4. likwidfuzion says

    I was surprised to see myself at the section @ 6:33 LOL

  5. I have a quick question, how did you manage to apply the pay phone dialer on brooke’s iphone??….i have a 1.1.3 and I’ve been trying to apply it to my iphone via ssh and with no luck….i have the files for that dialer on my laptop already downloaded from, can you guys maybe shed some light on how to install that on my iphone…..thanks in advance….Eric

  6. never mind i found the page on this website that explains how to install the retro dialer and it worked like a charm!! thanks brooke!!!! lol all u guys rock!

    • Sweet…when I read your comment above I was ready to go looking for my post! Glad you found it! I think it is in the f.a.q section.

  7. yo this app is really good i bought the unlimited one and i love everything about can’t wait to see what they do in the future also i like brooke’s dialers so i installed that u guys r the best keep it up

  8. where can i find this program in the installer

  9. How did you change your bottom bar text from “slide to open” to “Sweet Action” is it in installer and is it compatible with 1.1.3?????

  10. Fred, to change the text to “Sweet Action” you must install the “customize app from Installer….depending on what firmware ur iphone is running….it should work.
    Open “customize” and scroll down to where u see “Springboard Strings”, once that opens you now have the ability to change any text for numerous things on ur iphone…just scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see “Unlock” now change the text to “sweet action” and BAMMM!!!! your all set…press the home buttom and it should appear….if not restart the iphone and then it should appear =]

  11. This app is SERIOUSLY sweet…it has AN AMAZING interface and it does some really really cool things. I don’t think Doug’s video does it justice…I think I’m going to do another video on it. He was like half asleep when he did this video!! Look what time it is by the time he finishes the video! At one point I think he actually said, “When you have a missed text calls.” I’m like…what in the world is a missed text calls! So, maybe you will see another video about this app!

  12. has anyone outside of the USA been able to “purchase” this app? What sort of payment is required??

  13. Does anyone know how to get customize to work on 1.1.4?

  14. Hi!
    I live in Canada, have a jailbroken 1.1.4 IPhone, working on the Rogers’ network.
    I tried installing this app but used the ‘trial version’. When I went to apply all of the options in the Caterpillar app, , it completely locked up my fon!!!!
    I couldn’t access installer to un-install it nor could I get the home screen to work, no how, no way!
    I’m not sure, did I do something wrong? HAs anyone else had this problem with the ‘trial version’ of Caterpillar?
    My other question, which is dual-fold, is: Firstly, how does one pay for this service & the other is, does this app work in Canada?
    Many thanx for any assistance u can give me with this application as I would love 2 use it cuz it seems so cool but I’m seriously, very nervous about re-installing it again becuz I now have 3 pages of cool apps, thankfully installed after reading all of your excellent & awesome advice on this site!
    I adore this site, u guyz are awesome!
    Mystique :)

    • I’d like to know the same thing since I am also with Rogers wirless in Toronto, Canada.

      I had to watch the video again because I couldn’t remember all the neat features. The ending made me laugh. Dialing MOM…666…LOL

  15. I am also facing same problem specified by Mystique. I installed ‘trial’ version of Caterpiller and after restarting my iPhone my iPhone got locked. I can only see first screen and I am not able to access any application. Can anybody please tell me how can I remove Caterpiller so that I can use my iPhone?

    • please tell me when you fix it cuz i have the same problem and i can’t do anything about it!

  16. i can’t even call… nothing at all! help help help

  17. WARNING:
    For those who want to install Kate!

    the forum that I’m a member of
    There are tow diffident warning posts,
    Each 3 page long, only of people that
    getting seriously problems with the iPhone after instilling it, or problem uninstalling it.
    and general WARNING others about it.

    After Installing it it destroyed my Hebrew Keyboard, and took me 1 week to fix it again.
    it dos not worth the hassle!