Caterpillar 1.2.1

Caterpillar There is an update to version 1.2.1 ofCaterpillar (I love updates to Caterpillar!!). Below is the full list of new features!! My favorite new feature is that if you have a birthday entered for a contact it will add that person’s birthday to your Calendar and put a little flower by it (the µCalendar not your Calendar app)!! Very cool!! Now, with the help of iBirthday and Caterpillar…I will always remember people’s Birthdays! The ability to add a Background behind the Icon Labels is pretty cool too. Caterpillar is available through the Rip Dev source. Below are the screenshots.

Version 1.2.1 Change Log:
All Components:
    *Workaround for a problem causing product authorization issues after using Zibri’s Wi-Fi Fix.
    *Added German localization, courtesy of Ralf Rögner.
Smart Dialer:
    *Added Hebrew keyboard layout, courtesy of Denis Zilber.
    *Added an option to control the icon label text color.
    *Added an option to disable the icon label text.
    *Fixed an issue with Videos and Music icons displayed incorrectly on the iPod touch.
    *Theme developers: now colors can be specified in web format like #CCEE1D instead of cryptic R,G,B,A entries (see the specification).
    *Added support for birthdays from the Contacts. The birthdays will appear like the regular events but with a “flower” symbol.
    *All-day events for the current day are now displayed as “Today” instead of a blank rectangle.

Caterpillar 1.2.1 Caterpillar 1.2.1 Caterpillar 1.2.1 Caterpillar 1.2.1

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  1. wow, thats a really neat update i think that the background around the App Names is a really neat idea and customizing the colors.

  2. Brooke what happened to ur pink charging battery!!!!??? lol
    this is a cool update =] hopefully more cool things keep adding to the app =]

    • DaN Himself says

      FW upgrade, I guess….

    • YES!! I haven’t had time to do ANY of my custom stuff, pink battery, pink wifi bars, pink signal bars, customs words on my slide to unlock, pink themes….nothing! It feels so boring to have it all stock!

    • Hi Brooke, I was wondering where you got all of those pink customized stuff.:) Would really love to make my phone a lot more PINK!:D I only found the pink signal bars.:)

  3. p.s. what ever happened to updating the themes and wall paper section?!! lol =p

  4. Great update. Definitively a must have ! (I’m talking about Caterpillar AND Apple iPhone School ;) )

  5. With this update, have they fixed the ‘bugs’ that occurred with 1.1.4 when u had “Dock” or “Summerboard” installed?
    I ended up restoring becuz of this issue (didn’t have access to this site @ the time!!).
    I’ve been afraid to try this app, just in case it crashes my phone again. However, if they’ve fixed that particular bug, I’d luv 2 get this app cuz it sounds so unbelievably cool!
    Actually, Brooke, with ur update to 1.1.4, r u having problems with this app? If not, were u just able 2 download it & away u went or did u have 2 do anything special 2 get it 2 run with ur new phone version?

    Thanx so much,
    time 2 sign off & get 2 bed!!
    C y’all 2morrow,
    Mystique :)

    • I haven’t had any problems with it on my 1.1.4. I just installed it and set all the settings I wanted…no problem at all. However, I do not have Dock or SummerBoard installed. I use Capture and because the icons are wiggily SummerBoard no longer needed to be an instant install for me. But, I will install SummerBoard today and make sure it works.

  6. DaN Himself says

    Hey Brooke.. 193 e-mails? wow!
    BTW, when will be out the next episode of the podcast?


  7. I tried the trial version 1.2 a few days ago and my phone crashed.

    Day1: worked fantastic i was ready to buy that very night.

    Day2: it started to lag a little bit on the lock screen when i unlocked it.

    Day3: my edge wasn’t working, and i wasn’t recieving any sms, calls or wifi in or out when my status was full bars…reboot and it resolved the problems.
    than my screen started to flicker and my touch sensors was messed up.
    rebooting solved the problem. but an hour later every time i touched the screen a randon app would open.

    i tried to unstall Caterpillar but phone just crashed and was stuck on load screen. had to restore iphone.

    i love this application but i am too afraid to install it.
    Brooke, do you or anyone else have any problems with caterpillar 1.2.1 ??? i’m running on 1.1.4

    i even emailed the support staff at caterpillar,
    my first email was in regards to future updates. i was wondering if it was free updates if i choose one of their packages.. they replied to me in one day saying only the unlimited package…

    i than replied again with concerns to specific crash problems i read about on other forums.. they have not yet responded to me.. its been over a week now.

    • Do you have Dock installed? This app is not compatible with Dock. You could try uninstalling Dock and using Capture to take your screenshots and something like XLaunch to view all your apps. I have also heard that it has compatibility problems with SummerBoard….but, I still need to try that out.

    • no I don’t use dock. I don’t believe it was the screen shot enabler or summerboard that conflicted with caterpillar. Summerboard only conflicts if you use the reflective dock in caterpillar 1.2 (which I didn’t use).
      Broke, how many days has it been since you first installed caterpillar 1.2.1?

      And has any one else used caterpillar with customize 2.0 beta?

    • yea i have 1.1.4 and it crashed my iphone the touch screen stop working kinda it will let me slide the screen but i cant press on anything!!!!! ouch

  8. DanEvoMan says

    Is anyone having problems updating to caterpillar 1.21?
    I get an error at the end of the install saying “Error, Main script execution failed!”

    I’m on 1.1.4


  9. How do I get the registration code ??

  10. didnt know where to post a question so just gonna post it here i have problem with my iphone when my battery is half empty sometimes my phone wont ring i have version 1.1.4 anyone has the same problem is this problem from my phone something else.thanx alot

  11. Just sent a query to Catapillar ref the update:-

    Have installed the 1.2.1 update. One of the fixes was to show all day events under “Today” it does this for future events i.e. an all day event in two days time is shown as “Today”.

  12. Installed catepillar and my phone froze. Had to restore. Had Dock and Summerboard loaded.

  13. Help! My iphone is now unable to boot up after I installed an application and moved the icons.

    What’s the conflict with Caterpillar and anyway to reboot without restoring? Have restored twice given same issue.

  14. Upadate on my situation

    So i decided to give 1.2.1 a world. but this time i bought the program before i installed it to avoid the whole authorization problem. well glad to say that i’m running over a week now and it HASNT crashed my phone however there are some problems still but i can live with it.

    1) The phone lags a little bit but only sometimes. I think its because its running on top or behind apple iphone software. it lags a little bit when i open up notes or unlock the phone.

    2) the ucalender works fine, but when i go into my calendar app, in “calender view”, it indicates that i have task on all the days (3 weeks span of current date). the list and day view are fine.

    i also dont use the theme option in caterpillar cause i use summer board and if change anything in caterpillar (regarding themes) i think it’ll crash the phone due to conflicts.

    i am running on 1.1.4, with summerboard. no dock,

    my friend is also running 1.1 cracked, and his is still working fine.. but his lags a bit more than mine.

  15. I am having similar problems as described with but I don’t know how to uninstall it since it doesn’t show in Installer. Any suggestions? Thx!

  16. OMGOMGOMG!!!! I got 56,787 as my hi score cube runner in hard! Omgomg!!!!! P.s.I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!’


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