New Themes

SummerBoard Below are a few new SummerBoard themes available in the Installer…CandyMilk, ChocoMilk (which both contain matching calculator skins), Lush and BlackNeonAgua. All of the themes were designed by ToffeeNut and contain quite a few icons. The best part about these themes is that they also contain a template so that you can create even more icons! The templates are located in the theme’s folder in var/Mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/Name of Theme and are .psd files. All of the themes are available through the iSpazio source.

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  1. Hi, im having problems with summerboard… I install it but none of the icons are changing… I want to install the SMB themes fix but i get “main script execution failed”. Its been already 6 days and i cant install it. Sometimes, i got that message but then after trying some more times, it worked but now i cant..

    Is there a way to make it work? I was told that the icons are not showing because of a permission issue.. What permissions do i have to give summerboard?

    Thanks a lot to anyone that can help me..


    • after installing SMB app shut down your iPhone for a hard restart up your iPhone then it will work. It’s worked for me everytime I restored my iPhone and reinstall SMB idk if that’s the case for you but try that option for now to see if it’s the same case

  2. Rafael Barbosa says

    The images of Chocomilk and Black Agua are wrong. Actually, the Chocomilk theme is the Black Agua and the Black Agua is the Chocomilk!

  3. alex_dlc says

    black neon aqua is not a new theme, its actually theme #84 i believe, from, ive had it for a while now

  4. These are so polished! Love them, especially with Kate’s reflective dock feature

  5. I saw these at forums and downloaded all of them. They updated and have icon requests for the ones you do not have you may find them in there. I am currently using iPear theme with few changes to my likings, plus the Chocomilk theme from mactheme website’s forum. Check them out overthere because most themese originally are from members of that site’s forum .

  6. hi! can you tell me why my phone icon is not the icon from the theme?
    its always the default icon from apple.

  7. Always check the file names. There are lots of alternatives for each icon. Calendar icon for Kate, for without Kate, Phone, Phone2, etc.

  8. stuck in a rut says

    I installed chocomilk in customize, didn’t like it and uninstalled it. Now I can’t change my lockscreen background. Any ideas ?