MMiThemer 0.19Beta

MMiThemer ModMyiFone has just released a seriously sweet application. MMiThemer is a theme application that allows you to easily install themes that are uploaded to ModMyiFone’s theme download section. One you have installed MMiThemer, you can go in and view Featured Themes, Popular themes, Latest themes, see the Themes you have installed using MMiThemer, Search for a theme and go to the Home page. To install a theme, just click on a theme and then select Install. Once you have installed a theme, it will be added to your SummerBoard themes in SummerBoard. To set the theme as the theme in your iPhone, just go into SummerBoard and select it. We did notice that eight after you install the application, our iPhones were a little glitchy but that was fixed after a restart. Other than that…it seems to work great and it is really really sweet. Get it through the ModMyiFone source.

Full review later tonight…I posting this via my iPhone! :) Yay, go iPhones. (Full review available HERE)

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  1. i think they got the database idea from customize 2.0 :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. can you guy please fix the links section on the right side of the site.

  3. I installed MMiThemer and installed a few themes from ModMyiPhone, but they do not show up in SMBPrefs

  4. they dont show up im smbprefs 3.2,what do i need to do?

  5. For me nither

  6. Works great for me! I have been installing all sorts of Themes….full review coming soon.

  7. Did you guys restart your iPhones?

  8. Yeah, not working for me, either. Restarted my phone and everything. I can download all the themes I want, but none show up in SBMprefs.

  9. ketanitem says

    I gave it a try just now, but didn’t work. Where does MMiThemer store the SummerBoard themes? It usually keeps them in /var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard, but found none.

    • They show up in my var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes folder….with the rest of my SummerBoard themes. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working for you guys…it is working perfectly for me.

  10. It works fine for me also…

  11. This also does not work don’t give people bad reviews about a program that its still buggy. There are more people that the program does not work compare to only you two(who own the site). Keep up the good work. And don’t delete comment because its only a comment you
    should accept both bad and good comments don’t hate :p

  12. after installing this, my iphone doesnt respring anymore. it hangs at the springboard and doesnt show the spinning wheel. i had to hard reboot (power+home buttons for more than 10secs) twice. once after installing mmithemer and once after sorting it in my category using Categories.
    i know its still in beta but having such a serious bug shud be of some concern to the dev.

  13. mmithemer isn’t showing up on either my cydia or installer