WinterBoard 0.9.2501-3

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard I was excited to see an update for WinterBoard in Cydia today! And, the update turned out to be exactly what I was hoping it would be! WinterBoard now supports changing the StatusBar and fixes the bug where the wallpaper was being cut off just above the dock and just below the StatusBar. A very cool update! Oh, they also changed the icon…which I like. Other than that, there were no change to the user interface, still just lists file names. However, it is nice to have my custom themes looking correctly (<--- pretty sure that is not proper grammar, I apologize to all English teachers)! Check out the screenshots below. Note: I would like to say thanks to the Developer for adding the icon.png file to the folder. It makes my job A LOT easier!

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  1. Can you install any SummerBoard theme as long as it has all of its own Icons and correct folders? just curious. i don’t have 2.0 or 3g iphone i just have my 114 ??

  2. Can this change app store icons? If so, that would be awesome!

    • Yes, you can change App Store app icons as long as the title of the icon file is exactly the same as the title of the App Store app.

    • It can. Works flawlessly. No broken apps for me so far. Just name the icon what the name of the app is on the SpringBoard!

  3. Adriankenny says

    Winterboard can also theme the badge, and I think the other.artwork file can be themed too, Im really starting to like this :)

  4. Is it possible to use the themes you dl in customize? Winterboard is the only one that works 100%.

  5. Does it do the same thing as Customize ?

  6. how do you change icons with winterboard? i know how to do wallpapers and docks but thats it. Ive just made new directorys with the name of the theme i want and put 2 files in there named “Wallpaper.png” and “Dock.png” and it works perfect… what about icons?

    i mainly just want to change 2 Appstore icons… i can manually change any other icons myself that came on the phone or from cydia so those arent a concern for me.

  7. any reason why the dock still didnt change :( even on this new releases

  8. exactly what I was waiting for. Now I can happily jailbreak my iPhone =p but my problem is I got a bunch of stuff I like and I don’t want to like restore. =[ but i’m getting the 3G so I’ll jailbreak that one =p

  9. How did you put the App Store and Cydia icons in your dock? Which tool do you use for that?

    • You can move any icon you want into the dock. Just press on any icon to make then all wiggle and then drag the icon you want into the dock. It has been this way for a long time.

    • I had never tried dragging to the dock. I am so retarded.


  10. @CDog, just press and hold any icon in springboard. The icons will then eh… shake and you can just drag them around to place anywhere.

    @Roy Chang: Here’s what the folder structure should look like:

    /Icons (where all the icons go, must match springboard icon names)

  11. Hmm, that didn’t turn out right.


    Make sure you’ve updated to latest Winterboard :)

  12. WinterBoard 0.9.2501-4 is out, don’t know what it changes tho

  13. very nice job tanks

  14. From now on, new updates will probably have to do with getting an interface and artwork files themeing.

  15. eeckö says

    i’ve got an issue with winterboard.
    I installed it. Opens up. All themes downloaded are in there. When I select one it resprings.
    But problem is, nothing has changed. Still same ol’ theme…
    is it because I’ve installed customize too?
    thx 4 your help folks

  16. installer 4.0 BETA available :)

  17. Author says that in the future updates, changing app’s names and colors could be POSSIBLE !…

  18. Does any one know how to change the font in winterboard or atleast revert to default font?

  19. Richard Betts says

    Go into /private/var/stash/Themes.bIznrq/com.saurik.WinterBoard.Nature
    and modify Info.plist

    font-family: Helvetica;

  20. palakisbest says

    Can anyone please upload the winterboard folder in /applications. I accidently deleted it and now cydia does not load.


  21. anybody know how to transfer the themes from customize to winterboard? I used SSH but it seems that all the files don’t stay in the folder you copied. The transfer as individual folders into the summerboard folder.

    • Richard Betts says

      You don’t need to move the themes. If you want to change them just use Customise. Why do you need to use Winterboard?

    • customize does not apply the backgrouds. Winterboard does.

    • Richard Betts says

      Customise DOES apply the backgrounds once Winterboard has been installed.

    • Winterboard is for experts and has more functionality.
      Customize is for everyone and is easy to use.

      I love Winterboard, it’s the best thing to happen to the iPhone! I have always had little glitches with Customize, and after a resote SSHing everything back in to the phone is a pain. This makes it perfect, I just SSH one folder and all my icons, docks, wallpapers, weather themes, dialer pads, etc are in!

    • ok on my phone even before I installed winterboard, customize didn’t and still does not apply the background to the theme I choose. This is why I asked about moving the files from customize to winterboard.

  22. Does this Work on the 3G?

  23. thanks to whoever invented WINTERBOARD .. at last i could add all those nicer themes … :)

  24. how do u go back to original theme?

    • Ya, I would like to know the answer to this question too =) … anyone ?

    • There is a theme that you can download called “Default” from Cydia.

      Also you can SSH to add your own default theme with this structure:

      add folder
      then add folder
      /root/Library/Themes/Default/Icons/ <– place no files in this folder
      then add png
      /root/Library/Themes/Default/Wallpaper.png <– make a black wallpaper

    • for me i have cakeblack theme install in winterboard.i have a ._cakeblack and cakeblack listed. when I click the ._cakeblack it loads default theme

    • Install Defalt Theme from cydia

  25. Themes doesn’t show on the list, even the default one. when i open up winterboard it’s just blank even after restart. Does anybody knows what this means?

  26. thank you guys for telling me about the default theme bc i was wandering that too

  27. why does the video wallpaper not show up after music or other apps??

  28. Saifee Akil says

    yestedday i upgraded my FW to 2.0.2 but i cant find winterboard on cydia anymore. searched all categories but its not there!!! can anyone help me regarding this. thanx

  29. Kimberly Russell says

    Was wondering along with one of the other about why some themes work and some don’t. I downloaded a bunch from Thememyphone and can only get 2 to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I found some really cool ones.