WinterBoard 0.9.2499-2

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WinterBoard Many of you who are on firmware 2.0 might be wondering why there are so many themes being added to Cydia when SummerBoard isn’t even available yet. The answer is WinterBoard. WinterBoard is an alternative to SummerBoard (get it…Summer and Winter! :)). It is an open source application, developed by Jay Freeman, that supports SummerBoard themes. At the moment WinterBoard is very primitive. There is basically no user interface and there are a few bugs. But, if you are desperate to change your theme and are not big on using Customize…this might be the app for you. When you open WinterBoard, you will notice that it comes with one default “theme.” You can install more themes via Cydia. They are available in the Themes and Themes (SummerBoard) categories.

You can also SSH your own themes into the /root/Library/Themes (that is the main root folder, not the var/root folder). If you SSH in your own themes, they will need to be in the same format as SummerBoard themes (if you already have a few SummerBoard themes created you do not need to make any changes to them, just SSH them in).

Ok, now lets talk about the actual app itself. After you install WinterBoard you will need to restart your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you do not restart your device, none of the changes will take place. As of right now, there is no user interface. When you open the application you will the list of all the files for the themes you have installed and/or SSH’d in. To select a theme, just tap on it. It will then respring your SpringBoard and the themes will be applied to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

When you install a theme you will get the custom icons, the wallpaper and the dock for that theme. There are a few downfalls, the first is that the Wallpaper image stops at the top of the Dock and the bottom of the StatusBar. There are a few ways to get around this, one way is by creating a wallpaper that is black at the top and bottom (see screenshot of my Pink theme below). The second issue is that the StatusBar does not seem to work. Even when I SSH in a custom StatusBar, it does not display. Also, there are obviously no settings for turning on/off dock, wallpaper, icon titles…etc. Overall, if you approach this application correctly, you can make it work and even start to feel like your getting back a little more control of your iPhone! It definitely needs a UI and a few bugs fixes but, it works and I love that I can now SSH some of my favorite themes onto my iPhone! Let me know how it is working for you.

Note: I did notice that themes I installed via BigBoss which are technically “SummerBoard” themes, though they work with WinterBoard, are installed in the var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes folder and not the /root/Library/Themes folder.

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  1. i had to go into->


    There’s two dock files located there


    and change the dock that way, since winterboard wont do it right now until the next release.

    made the dock and did those files and it has worked. also used WinterBoard for icons and wallpaper
    heres two themes..


  2. nice! its kinda like springroll. only COOLER! thanks for posting this up Brooke. i had some trouble finding out how to change the wallpaper ( not the lock screen one) on springroll.

  3. Adriankenny says

    Theres a new update to this, I LOVE it!

  4. DJContagious says

    may I quote something in this post:

    “You can also SSH your own themes into the /root/Library/Themes (that is the main root folder, not the var/root folder).”

    whats the difference?

    • OK, with all of the shortcuts indicated through ssh’ing in is there a guide to the actual file structure? It seems that many posts direct us here and there and many are vague about var, etc, root, mobile, etc… and MOST get it wrong.

    • The actual path is /private/var/root/Library/Themes IIRC.

      There is no difference between /var/root and /private/var/root

      /root does not exist.

  5. I hate to sound like a noob but “There are a few ways to get around this, one way is by creating a wallpaper that is black at the top and bottom ” I’m sorry, I’ve ssh’d, copied files, backed up, installed a pwnd 2.0 firmware – but, this, I’m clueless! I changed the only wallpaper I know and that is the lock screen wall paper and it reverted to my stock “world”. I fixed that, but where is the “wallpaper” you are mentioning?

    • your talking to me right? you know on your springboard ( the screen with all the apps ). there is a black background behind it. with some customizing apps like customize, summerboard, and now winterboard; you can actually change that. see in the screenshots above how the backgrounds of the springboard aren’t the regular black background. im downloading winterboard right now, so i don’t know how to use it yet. but if you need help. just email me or something. i dont know if you can pm on this site. if you can’t. my email is here :

  6. My current spring board with the delineation at the dock:

  7. KappaGirl says

    I’m trying to get rid of the wallpaper lock on the iphone 2.0, I have SSH and terminal on my mac, but I have no idea of the commands.
    I can get into SSH but i’ve tried /var/mobile/library, and it doesn’t work.

    I don’t know much commands, so can you show me step by step how to use SSH after i enter the password?

    Thanks you so so much


  8. How to you return to the original theme?

    • There is a theme you can download from Cydia called default or something like that. Find it, download it and use Winterboard to apply it when you need it.

  9. GreatDane says

    Which theme app shuld I use? Costumize or wintherboard??

  10. I prefer using Customize:)

  11. there’s an update that adds an icon

  12. Looks like the new update to Winterboard added more then an Icon :) The fixed the wallpaper issue. so get 2501-2

  13. any word on weither the icon text on/off will be implemented on a later version?
    Or does anyone know if summerboard is getting ported at all? I haven’t heard anything about it. I miss it so much, def my favorite app for the iPhone evar!

  14. The new update 0.9.2501-3 allows for App Store Apps to be changed ;)

  15. Brooke,

    Where did you get pink me theme? I want one but couldn’t find it in Cydia. Thx!

  16. I installed WinterBoard, but I cannot find it anywhere. I looked in all the Library directories, but nothing.

    Any suggestions?

  17. I can’t get winterboard to work. When I launch the app I don’t see any themes. I have tried rebooting, uninstalling and reinstalling themes and winterboard and I still don’t see them.

    Any help would be great.

  18. Hi guys…. just to know if anyone is facing the same problem and knows how to solve it.

    After applying a theme in Winterboard, my iphone crashed and I had to reset. After the reset, the Apple Logo started to appear and the phone didn`t boot again. :(

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do to solve the problem without havind to make a Full Restore?

    Thx in advance…

  19. I installed Winterboard on my iphone 2g with 2.0.1 FW but the wallpaper I installed and chose won’t display it. Remain on default springobard. I did reboot my iphone after installing winterboard.

    Any idea? thanks in advance.

    BTW, Trying to use the time of day theme and it did respring after I chose the theme and push home button and it automatically respring after few secs.

  20. My name is Sabrina and I’m new to this site.

  21. Guys please help, I install winterboard and it says reboot then i tap it but it seems not rebooting it just hang in black mode how do i open it again it happens twice already.


  22. Hi

    I want to know how to launch winterboad on the iphone (2G)?

    Not install, but launch on the iphone???